wherever you might be

june/20/2007. so, San Cristóbal Retirement Insurance were launching a site where their producers / employees could go in and find whatever they needed for work. many of these people travelled all over the country selling insurance and looking after their clients.

yes, we did of the mouse pad + office draft. "What you look for in our offices, find it on www.gruposancristobal.com.ar". it was the most obvious idea.

luckily, we always try to with something else. so, we came up with this.

three post cards troquelled together, each postcard from/about a small "heard of" town from the inner parts of the country.
we sent these to all (that´s thousands) of the company´s employees and producers.

i was happy. i like how the art describes the place and the letters have the online motive in them.

front"Consulting from Chacharramendi".
"Valueing from Chajarí".
"Updating from Pico Truncado".

back"Enter www.gruposancristobal.com.ar and find everything you need to keep working wherever you might be".

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