march/15/2007. we made an ad for us. we created www.enlargeyourbrand.com (off line now) and made some tacky adverts for it. we also did a banner for some web pages. on this tacky page we explained what we thought of advertising and it had a link to our home "real" page.


"To enlarge your brand
there are no miraculous formulas or magic solutions. Making your brand grow is posible thanks to a constant, planned communication strategy.

Building a brand is a medium-long term project lead by the client and the agency. The main objective is to get the brand you work for to stand out form the rest and make it ocuppy a unique place. So people will prefer it, trust it. So that people know that they´re going to choose it before they have to.

Now that you are here, know that our agency is disposed to work full-time to build your brand. We´re an agency that´s not going to promise things like: "space ships are going to travel through the stratosphere and in an hour and a half we could be in Japan (an argentinean president said this once)". We offer conscious work, lots of dedication and our feet on the ground".

"UNSATISFIED with the growth of your brand?

*ENLARGE your market share.
*MAINTAIN a long term relationship with your clients.
*GO FOR IT!!! Take the first step towards a healthier communication.
*100% NATURAL METHODS No lies. Without underestimating people.
*FEEL how your brand acquires value.


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