40 years

june/12/2006. frustration is always common ´round these parts.

Transatlántica is a finance and travel agency.

these two ideas for Transatlántica´s 40th anniversary didn´t go through. they ended up going with (see end of post) something else.

1st campaign proposal, "bus" and "office", have similar texts so i´ll just translate "bus":

"A few trave
lled at first.
So few we called them by their names.
But Albert came back with 6 photo reels
that convinced Claudia and George,
at went and came back with a lot of anecdotes,
that tempted Victor,
that the next year took Lucy and Fredrick,
that went again but with their school buddies.
From then on, we started calling them passangers.

Our history is made by all of you. It´s been 40 years.Thank you for your trust".

2nd campaign proposal, "business man" and "traveller". i´ll just translate "traveller".

"Did you go up the Eiffel Tower?
Did you visit the african savannah?
Did you walk on the Chinesse Wall?

Since you were a young man wanting to see the world until you saw it.
40 years working to be part of your life. Thank you for letting us".

so that´s what we pitched, they are drafts ofcourse, but i think they could´ve been nice.

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