happiness is da bomb

by kuras & mackenzie


cinelli / zacco

went to see these two monsters together on saturday. franco and andrés.
tribe, woot!

swing it

talented people.


melacholical photobooth madness

a virus fucked with pretty much all the PCs at the agency, so i'm downstairs working on a Mac, the G5 with cam to be exact and messing around with the features i found photobooth

i remembered how many times i'd seen people at the agency messing around with it so i took a look at the photo archive. what i found was amazing! 

it's as if this little software had a snapshot of all the good people that passed through the agency in the past 3 years.

here are some of the pics:

luis - facu

lia - alvaro - pablo - kanguro

luis - facu

alvaro - elio

lia - gaby



lia - luis




junior - diego - leo


fede - alvaro

leo - fede

fede - gaby

lia - fede


i searched for other photobooth moments on flickr. interesting find.

it's nice to see how a simple fun app can be a gold mine for moment keeping. story telling. a friendship perpetuator.

muxtape is great-er with muxstumbler

click image.
click link to muxtape if you´re a caveman.


two things

gotta love old spice comms.

the nat rap

zebra and yellow

doodling on scissors i realized how well zebra and yellow go together.

thank you google images for zebra and yellow images.


bronze at Cannes.



we can do more

if we´re not critical with our work on media and channel levels, not only concepts we´re never going to detect when a comms plan is not adequate for the brand we´re working for.
are we just going to do as we´re told or are we going to aspire more, see what else we can do? is this wrong?
i guess it depends on you. what if you discover that an idea you´re working for print can thrive as a banner campaign in web pages with the same audience as the magazine you were working the print idea for? it depends on what the objectives are of course, but i mean, we can´t just sit there and be robots just trying to get the “award winning” ad out there.
i like to think we´re not supposed to be traditional creatives or a digital creatives, we´re just creatives. best thing that could happen is to work with a planner who is equally creative with other tools.
the thinking is strategic for brands but there´s always something new to discover, otherwise it´d all be too boring. give life through ideas. give life to brands. give life in media. we can always do a little more than is required of us. we can propose more.
this sort of thing makes our sort of thing a lot more exciting. my hand is up. bring it on.

comment on digicynic.

Tomasz Bagiński´s Fallen Art

from 2004, amazing.
who the director is.
the site.
thanks fede.

:)s for me

these are something else. the thinking, spot on, specially the HBO one. big ideas called integrated.

and the viral.

vids from D&AD Awards Nominations. better late than never.

the new comm landscape

he´s Jason Gonsalves, Head of Engagement at BBH. smart guy. a must watch presentation.

again, like the BMW guy. how important passion is when you want to say something.
it engages the spectator. so important in brand comms as well.


Pop Levi

play and pause this one.

this one should be opened in another window and placed next to the one above.

if you don´t want to go through all the trouble just play them, you´ll get the idea. it´s pretty clever.


blogging styles and strategies

very interesting.


found this on my friend´s blog. with all the shit going on in my country, i think barcelona is not a bad option. great vid by the great swedes.

doodle bastard

found, lost in doodleland.

a rabbit

fast faster very well told. who wouldn´t like a shaved rabbit or an overcaffeinated pilot? on ice.
internet service comms are so boring, it´s nice to see something like this. cheers Comcast!


Mr. Houston´s geniousness

this is a late post. but what the heck, so was this guys entry to Radiohead´s online contest to remix Nude from their album In Rainbows.
played by:
Sinclair ZX Spectrum - Guitars (rhythm & lead)
Epson LX-81 Dot Matrix Printer - Drums
HP Scanjet 3c - Bass Guitar
Hard Drive array - Act as a collection of bad speakers - Vocals & FX

Petra´s vvebcam

this vid is absolutely fantastic. check out the tags too.
find her here.

to "Are you a busy person?", she answered:

Oh my god NO :( only in my fucked head. especially now. i don't do anything anymore. just half thought out / half effort for everything i do lately. but it is crazy if only someone could only see the notepad files, text messages, emails all to myself, meaningless to-do lists of google image search keywords, things to twitter later, ideas for some .gif, ideas for certain projects that will never happen... it's fucking insane because these things never get done. all i've been doing for a while is making lists and then the lists never get read and they get lost. i make folders on my computer and to name them i pound on the keyboard like eirtuyu43'; and then that is the name of the folder. so of course i know where nothing is and nothing gets read or thought about. then i decided i would put all the 35asgyewwm,\[ folders into one big folder that folder is called HELL and now it is the only folder on my desktop and i dunno what the fuck is in there. i wish i could do work or at least start cracking into HELL because god knows i got time. i got time cause i have no job and i amn not in school and live with my mom and my lil sis in california. i don't wanna be busy here though. i wake up everyday and just do want i want to do and that is what the fucking plan is. very selfish but its good relief cuz it is only a matter of time before i gotta go back to the stain on this earth new york city. i truly believe that city brings out a real sickness in people. if i was there right now i would have to answer this question totally different cuz there i am VERY busy but it is not even stuff i want to be busy with it is just trying to deal with so many cocksuckers 24/7 and there are all these problems and i have to be putting out fires all the time. SOMETIMES EVEN LITERALLY. oh god in reality it is so nice to be in california and i am not busy here and all i do is go to the beach and get tan and swim. and the water is so warm now so i like to swim everyday. i gotta go back to nyc soon tho cause i gotta go back to school so that i get a job that pays me money. when i get that money im gonna use it to never be busy, live on some epic land covered in heartbreaking landscape and do what i do best which is hang out and take care of tiny animals. i just want to collect too many of them fill my whole house collect them forever. striving for that "gotta catch em all" / "peasant vacation" style of life, u kno?



Justin M. Maller

this guy is a fucking monster. check his work here.


the Wilhelm scream

was searching in back when places and found this. had to post.

meet GINA, meet passion

fede showed me this.

the car is awesome, really, the idea, wow.

but this guy´s passion is even more awesome. listen to the way he describes the "creation". no need for anything else. just getting out there and sharing your passion.

everyday i´m more and more convinced of what i think about branding communication.

the great pretenders

click the image to see all of them. they´re to your right, where it says related. and please don´t miss the The Now Corporation banner, top right.

nothing more to say about this. good luck!

kanYe has a blog

and it´s pretty good (click image), so´s his last album.


there´s an 80´s radio opening up in town.

i like carnivorous flora

last sunday we went with my girl and a couple of friends to a mascot show. it was nice. lots of dogs, fish, cats, birds, axolotls, and my favorite, the meat eating plants! no reptiles though. i guess we´re not a big on reptiles country, not like south east asia at least. there´s guys that stick their heads in croc´s jaws for Buddhas sake!

i took the above pic of a carnivorous plant forest in a large fish tank and below, my girl with a very cute chihuahua. so that´s it. this blog´s fluffy moment of the week.

she´ll be delighted i put her picture on here. ¡hola yami!

again, loved the insect killerz! look at that thing! now, that´s a vegetable getting creative on a butterfly´s ass, boeeeeee! --->

first interactive video on YouTube

embedding is disabled so go here to see it, use it, play it, interact with it, whatever.

it´s about a card trick. nothing says "interaction" like a card trick. i´m guessing the interactive part works by linking different videos to the options given on the "home" video.

i like how we can start thinking of videos as Metas or with Metadata, meaning a collection of data including multiple content items. and that´s why we can also think of "home" videos which by interaction takes us to other videos. this kind of thing was done before, remember the old Sierra PC games? made by linking videos together to tell an interactive story. except now we can add sharing, tags, view counts, people coming together, think of the stories we could tell! and how could all this work for brand comms. very interesting. i can already imagine WikiVideos! who goes first?

so exciting.


this weekend, we won a silver FEPI (Inland Advertising Ferstival) for this (post). original here.


YouTube channel idea

i work at Flaherty. most of the videos i post, i did or found while working (or not) there, so this is a kind of salute.

i played around with a cam, a chair, some cardboard, a couple of rubber bands and some editing to confabulate a letter + color gyroscope mixer thingy to unite a yellow side with a part of type with the corresponding red side with the other part of type and get, taran-taran! the agency´s color (orange) and later, the name.

then i posted them on my YouTube channel in order, spelling F-L-A-H-E-R-T-Y. (here are the vids in the original post)

talk about the medium is the message.

stupid? yes.

but i wonder, is there a possibility for this idea to work as a brand´s concept channel? Honda´s Difficult is Worth Doing campaign comes to mind. an idea for H, another for O and so on, much like their print work.

back to work!

the unhuggables

3 per brake. one after the other. by santo bsas.


this is what a guardian angel sees when he´s watching over you


wings´ site

Luis just finished this of this.

"Desconexionismo is an unplugged instant, a state of disconnection from the rhythm, the noise and the hustle of everyday urban agitation".