traffic safety

august/24/2007 the CPA (Argentinean Advertising Council) has a magazine, we did a traffic safety awareness ad for San Cristóbal, part of their commitment to traffic safety in argentina.

so, here´s the process.

i thought quite a bit on how when we drink, and know we´re going to drive, we tend to minimize things, the dangers, we trick ourselves, we mess up what we say, ´cause chances are things won´t be alright.

"It´s alright, I didn´t drink much".

also thought, given the numbers (7,000+ dead) that we´re fucking children and if we´re going to be aware of something, we should start by being aware of how we behave.
hence this draft.

but we went with this."It´s alright, I didn´t drink much.

Fooling yourself. Another alcohol effect".

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