let´s stop

march/26/2007. San Cristóbal was sponsoring a seminar on our country´s big transit safety problem. we had to make prints with "an image that transmits this problem and the title of the seminar". we also did a logo and a a slogan and a flyer for "with-in" the seminar to explain what it is about. leo, master of 3D, really pulled this one off. i hate how so many words fuck up the art of it.

"II International Seminar

"Let´s stop.
Let´s stop to fasten our seat belt. Let´s stop to honk before we exit parking. Let´s stop even when we have the right of way. Let´s stop behind the crossing lane.
Let´s stop at the stop sign. Let´s stop at the traffic light. Let´s stop to drive with respect. Let´s stop to respect speed limits. Let´s stop to respect traffic officers. Let´s stop no to use the cell phone in the car. Let´s stop but not to double park. Let´s stop not to cross thje street at half way. Let´s stop so that children don´t cross the street alone. Let´s stop to use a helmet. Let´s stop before we get off the bus. Let´s stop to take passengers how passengers want to be taken. Let´s stop even though our vehicle is bigger. Let´s stop to announce our maneauvers. Let´s stop to turn on our lights at night.Let´s stop to equip our car with a fire extinguisher. Let´s stop to check our car before we travel. Let´s stop to drink coffee when there´s fog. Let´s stop if we´re sleepy. Let´s stop before we drink if we´re going to drive.

Let´s stop because traffic accidents are the main cause of death in Argentina.
Let´s all stop to change it.
Let´s stop to think".

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