Bad Credit Hotel

don´t let your credit put you in a bad place. exceptionally done concept of this web, great ambiance. it´s simple and well achieved.
the site is about debt management, credit history, etc. all you need to know about credit by credit-land´s government, the US treasury. credit culture pours out of this one, it´s incredible.
and talk about a late post tells it like it is

"i love music" it begins. "the desire to share it is innate and crucial for music itself. When we find a song we love, we beckon our friends over to the turntable, we loan them the CD, we turn up the car stereo, we put it on a mixtape."

Justin tells the story of how he made muxtape , how it became popular and of course how the anti-piracy people came knocking on his door. it´s interesting how, as he says, people tend to think muxtape was "flying under the radar". but the truth is, there´s no flying under the radar anymore, it´s imposible. we forget big companies, major labels, corporate mazingers are ultimately people, with computers, just like us.

Justin tells the story of how lawyers saw things differently, from “Muxtape is 100% legal and you’re on solid ground,” to “Muxtape is a cesspool of piracy and I hope you’re ready for a hundred million dollar lawsuit and a stint at Riker’s.”

Justin tells the story of how musicians and smaller labels were hiped about muxtape, excited about it´s possibilities. "Smaller labels wanted to feature their content in other creative ways. It seemed obvious Muxtape had value for listeners and artists alike".

Justin tells the story of meetings in Universal and EMI, and how he had to make a decision, shut down entirely, ban major label content or get licensed.

Justin tells a long story of negotiations and lawayers and suits.

Justin chooses, fuck major labels. Muxtape is going to be for bands. "The new Muxtape will allow bands to upload their own music and offer an embeddable player that works anywhere on the web, in addition to the original muxtape format. Bands will be able to assemble an attractive profile with simple modules that enable optional functionality such as a calendar, photos, comments, downloads and sales, or anything else they need. The system has been built from the ground up to be extended infinitely and is wrapped in a template system that will be open to CSS designers".

a great story. muxtape was built on sharing and this letter is proof of that spirit and that it´s still alive. that Justin is of this age and that he thinks in the now. how many things can we learn from this? From strategic planning to smaller, everyday ways of doing, being.

good luck Justin. everything´s gonna be alright.

multiwhatever priorities

a good song* before an interesting youtube video.

*the fact that you can´t watch the pending youtube video because of the song, makes it a good song.

this is how i´m rolling into this weekend


Wade Davis

hope and story telling. that´s how NatGeo plans on saving the ethno-world. genius.

from the Ted Conferences, an amazing, passionate presentation about us, human beings and our ethnosphere.

may be related: this and this.


Animals - Minilogue

video by Varelsen.


you ain´t tough

this is, Pieter Hugo´s The Hyena & Other Men series taken in Nigeria.
check out those chains. and how they pose.
this one seems, literally, out of this world.


there´s something about cats and the cloud III

related I, II.

there´s something about cats and the cloud II

engineers and cats, what do you expect?



Roger like a Rabbit style

if it doesn´t work (they´ve been banning these in YT) go here.
Viral for Diesel´s 30th anniversary. oh yeah baby!


it´s starts with passion

this is Gary Vaynerchuk . he has it.
also check this, this, this. they have it too.


Descartes, now


by Montt.

YT channel idea

takeovers are always cool in my book.


maybe it´s due to my short-lived memory

but i never had a discussion with a friend about blogs. a beer drinking couch slacking maybe backyard green easy livin´discussion with a friend about blogs. a mention, like you saw this one kind of mention. but nothing deep.

so what.

cheap cool stuff

been looking for something like this. i like cheap great stuff, actually, i have to like it. cheap solutions, that´s my dance now.
anyways, this was taken with the EXILIM Pro EX-F1. it has variable high speed shooting mode for cool looking slow-mo action up to 1200 FPS. the best part is it´s under $1000. it´s CASIO. yes. and as ISO50 says, "Being able to get footage like this would open a doors to a whole world of possibilities for aspiring film makers". creatives in general i would add.


my avatar

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hondamentalist couple

legendary ex-Formula 1 pilot, Ricardo Patrese, does a test drive on the Jeréz Circuit...
with his wife.

best bit ´round 2nd min. ¡mamma mía!


Julien Vallée



internet is down

life is up.

more on this later. if you´re up there, check me out on

there´s something about cats and the cloud


imagination makes everything better

we started here. a year later here, then here. and this is the result. tug of warish but that´s the way it is. some of the original idea survived and i´m proud of the result.
basically, this hospital has opened a brand new floor specialized only in pediatrics, from professionals to the new tech. this makes everything easier since there´s no need to move kids anywhere and they have all the attention they need in one place. we decided to tell the story of how kids also make things easier, better, with their imagination, in fact kids and grown ups appeal to imagination to over come difficult moments in health care. this small campaign is based on this.

Tingilingilyfeeling Mode

Ramiro Musotto

going for a Mussotto cocktail tonight.

Indigenous, european and african mix served on a fusion of electronic&acustic. the result, a unique collective sensorial experience where party, joy and shared emotions are innevitable.

holy shit!

that´s what the theater´s program says. i´m looking forward to this -->


thanks Fer for inviting me!

the eye

from StrawberryFrog ECD´s blog. the "how my agency works" thingamagig part. this page i liked. maybe ´cause it has to do with this.


note: thanks mrs tulip for the link! back to you.

freestyle rap battle, translated.

lol! for real.



our first win! and the funny thing is my dad was goal keeper. he was visiting (he lives in Australia) and our regular goal keeper couldn´t come so he offered to play. he used to play when he was younger, football and rugby. i guess living in Australia keeps him in pretty good shape ´cause he did a great job! me, i scored the last one. header. cheers.

open the box




Emo Obama







social networkin´ bank

continuing with they´re "Owners" campaign, Banco Hipotecario launched an online community that allows people to upload photos and videos. basically, they´re doing the Facebook, MySpace dance and i love it. don´t know how well it´s working though, but i have faith.

they´re using a cheap internet tool to get closer to their customers. cheers to that.

here´s a new net where the user can express and share photos and videos in different categories, like "Labrador Owner" for pets or "BBQ Owner" for friends, and even "Nerd Owner" for everything related to electronics and computers.

everyone can publish, and there´s a voting system, so winners will get monthly prices like LCD TVs and the most voted will also get discounts and promotions and that type of shit.

it´s the ideal medium for people to express themselves and get involved in the communicational concept that identifies the bank, what it´s like to be an "Owner".

virality , if there is such a word.
no geographical barriers.
non invasive.
it´s everywhere.

good one bank people, agency people, people.



Internet is society, it expresses social processes, social interests, social values, social institutions. ¿What is, then, the specificity of Internet, if not society? The specificity is that is constitutes the material and technological base of the net society, it´s the technological infrastructure and the organizing medium that allows the development of a series of new forms of social relation that don´t have their origin in Internet, they are a product of a series of historical changes that couldn´t have been developed without Internet. That net society is the society I analyze as a social structure built around nets of information from microelectronic information technology structured on Internet. But Internet in this sense is not just a technology; it´s the medium of communication that constitutes the organizational form of our societies, it´s the equivalent of what were the industries in the industrial era or the great corporation in the industrial era. Internet is the heart of a new social-technical paradigm that constitutes in reality the material base of our lives and our forms of relation, of work and of communication. What Internet does is process virtuality and transform it in our society, constituting a net society, which is the society in which we live.
Manuel Castells

something to ponder. where ever you are.

via (translated by me so, sorry if i got anything wrong)

Kretz award ad

And Kretz´s employees received the Indice Award for Company of the Year...

The happy ending of a story that´s just beginning.