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Fashion 4 Life @ TWITTNITES

On Thursday 26/3/09 (today) at 19:30 we´ll meet once again in O´Connell´s to share ideas, beers and, this time, the chance to listen to Marta Repupilli tell us about the 1st Fashion Design Contest, Fashion 4 Life.
Free sample.
See you there.

Daito listens to his inner kid.

here´s Daito and his friends hooked up to the Face Visualizer.

there´s a kid is in all of us and he likes to think up this kind of stuff. we just ignore him and go back to making "ads". that´s why we get boring.

play more.

back to playing.

let´s get political



on saturday i went to Buenos Aires to meet Chet, a WK Portland creative that got in contact with me through FB. we walked, talked, got him a phone, helped some ladies out on the street and went to a small San Telmo bar to eat and drink some "beer of the house". Laura came to join us. Chet starts at Santo Buenos Aires on Tuesday. we wished him luck. i came back the same day. drove slow. went to bed happy. it was a great day.

we talked so much. i forgot i had the camera on me. damn! :S


we made it happen. thanks everyone.

more here.

TWITTNITES. nights of interesting encounters.

TWITTNITES comes from a simple idea: get the twitter community together with special guests to share stories, projects and experiences over drinks.

On Thursay 3/12/09 at 19:30 we´re going to get together in O´Connells to share ideas, beers and the chance to listen to Mario and Jorn tell us about their NGO, El Desafío.
Entrance is free.
We´ll meet you there.
QAs: / @twittnites

an Ely is born

BOOMBOX from Ely Kim on Vimeo.

isn´t he a wonderful, bouncy person?


there are thing i find and i need to share. i don´t have rules for this blog, like "only post original content".  i just have to do what ever i want.


the things in my delicious

these are the things i find on the net. the things i listen to. like. think about. wonder. these are the thing i find interesting on the net. some are real, some plain stupid. i don´t live here, although sometimes i wish i did. real life is on the streets, real inspiration. but there are things i dream about and fear, long for, even get sick of. fantasy, true conversations. maybe you should get away, disconnect, i hear. why, these are the things i just don´t find on the weekends or some days in the week. and then i´m in and i need to have it all. the beautiful things i find on the net.