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first time i find a link to my blog!
cool gen, cool.

fucking tasty

NY, italians, mafia, pizza.
so obvious, yet so fucking wonderful.

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Jamie Lidell

fucking amazing guy.

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today is a good day. i don´t want to make a big fuss about it. i just defended my thesis in front of a jury to finish my college education. my thesis: observation in advertising. a perspective on creative writing in communication. i had a long fruitful chat and it was good. after 5 years (three working in advertising) i have my diploma and so officially licensed in social communication. tonight beers and pizza at my place. but now, back to work.

more youngme - nowme

like this. but theatrical.

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an interesting failure

Am Juri. these guys sell entire buildings, that´s what they do, they specialize on selling brand new real estate projects.

i received a brief about them with a media strategy to engage construction people who would find in Am Juri a suitable business parter to effectively sell the whole of whatever they were planning to build.

i was unhappy with the strategy, it was the typical boring radio plus print and other stuff. i didn´t like it because i believed that to engage these particular guys we had to propose something else and not just try to communicate to them ´directly´ through these channels. we had to make them look our way.

we had to generate an experience.

so the idea was to make a "power marketing action/invasion" on a building currently in construction. right in the middle of downtown, at rush hour, on a busy street full of people. and turn an ugly construction site into a disco type thing with a DJ blasting music and beautiful girls dressed as construction workers dancing on halfway built balconies. always watching out for safety, everything clockworked and prepared.

media, invited. friends, invited. the guys on happy hour in the pub across the street, the people commuting home from the office, all lured by the spectacle, maybe to shake their asses after work a bit. looking up, taking pictures, video calling a friend.

experience turns into word of mouth. free press. viral videos. documentary style tvc. photographers. blogs. facebook. YouTube. cops? maybe.

and on top of it all, a huge banner: THE POWER OF MARKETING HAS REACHED CONSTRUCTION.

will it remain in draft form forever? probably. all i know is that it was guaranteed fun, a bit more than what the initial brief proposed.

it´s good to try. great to share. always try to go with something else.

aleluya kimosabe

dear god. an inbox for your prayers.

youngme - nowme

love this idea.

back to mystic

intermittent head banging atari world zeppelin music.
mom! i´m not smoking in my room! it´s this danava album that lit my fucking room on fire! wwwooooooooo!!!! yaaaiaiaiaiaiaia tutututitituttuittotototutmmmtum tum!

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great Thornton's Chocolates. great Shop. great Harmony Korine. great TVC.

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ticket in my pocket

Portfolio Night Buenos Aires. here i come!

friend´s blog

he says i gave him the final push.

i like how he defines blogs:

blogs are the bucket you leave by the bed when you´re drunk. so post are thought vomits.

nice thought.


the superest blog

a blog about who can come up with the superest heroe. beautiful stuff.

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Kobe Bryant viral

i just received this on my facebook from someone over at w+k. facebook is definitely a great viral catalyst.

product booklet drafts

part of this. a technical problem asistance campaign.

ok failure

and on this corner, with the car always double parked, Marissa!

out of the BLAH

is there a BLAH of Ween now?

you know what the BLAH is. the BLAH is trendy, yummy, actual, it´s what most of the blogs that link out of here are talking about right now. it´s like a BACKWARDS AGENDA SETTING FUNCTION of the blogosphere. because ALL OF US DEFINE THE BLAH. for example, Gorilla was big in the BLAH a while back. the post below are in the BLAH now.

see Keiser´s conversation slide, it defines this better than me.

so now i´m posting this. completely out of the BLAH. Ween´s 2002 The Mollusk video. why? because i wanted to say something about conversation, about the BLAH. and the video is cool.

crappy job sickness

bavarian quality if beer. rabbit quality if reproduction. f.a.r.c. quality if hidden. and so on.


<- plasticine Google.


<- make your muxtape.
my mix tapes were always covered with liquid paper drawings. cool gifts for friends or the girl you liked. i should look for them.
:) :) :) :) :)


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maybe for bmw


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more thoughts

so this brief thing got me thinking.

i wrote these thoughts that i just seem to remind myself every year. it´s ok, because rethinking what you believe is not a bad exercise, it actually renews your spirit in a way.

beyond the today spot or ad. beyond the idea for now. beyond the prize. is objective. before all that is strategy and somewhere in between, conceptual coherence. whoa!

let´s start over.

beyond the solitaire idea for an ad, which is a good exercise now and sometimes, sadly, due to clients that don´t have or don´t allow themselves to have a a defined strategy, what we must create are embracing (global, big, whatever. strategic) ideas.

in what instance? from the start. not on the first brief. before that. to build campaign proposals, not just cumulus ads that get distorted along the way. strategy first. big brain muscle strain from the start. uurrrgghh! really. and i´m not talking about the brainstorming crap that arrives at "magical" concepts that get passed around by creatives and each of them have gremlin+water-like idea parties all over it and then end up blaming the client for not accepting "my cannes winning ad".

boom! yes, boom! smack! define. it´s like that. it´s over.

do momentum, long term, medium term, hold on to it, then try to go with something else.

like Lurpak or Honda or The Guardian, yes, all W+K London. but really, genius. cheers. i mean look at ad by ad and you won´t see any big award winning ideas (i think). but, step a bit further from the table and you´ll see that they aren´t big ideas but are part of a big idea. and, at the end, that´s what really makes the work valuable.

the encrypted brief

This brief* is in Filipino.

today i received a nebulous brief. i´m a bit dumb but this one was puzzling.

i solved the ordeal going downstairs and having a conversation with the one who did it. what did you mean? i meant this and that. oh, ok, great.

shouldn´t briefs be that? a conversation? i mean the client or some of them anyways can talk the business talk but not the brief. not the brief! (imagine saying brief with a roller coaster kind of phonetic. not the brrrriiiieeeff...) anyways.

and you know what else. put life into it. pour your heart into it. any ideas you might have!

hell, come upstairs and we´ll do it together! planners, you too! let´s start from scratch and get this thing rolling on a brief full of ideas! let´s dance on the table! you, yes, you, and you, come... ok bye.

*Also doesn´t obey the laws of quantum physics.

found a spot in the bin

in a café. this guy is talking business with some other guy and his mobile rings. he changes his voice to answer and talks like a woman saying her boss is not in at the moment and if they´d like to leave a message. she/he hungs up, changes his voice back and keeps talking to the other guy as if nothing had happened.
we did this spot 2 years ago for an office rental service called Business Center that was really complete, that means you had everything, even a secretary.
there was a couple more, but this is was the stupidest one.

the draft on the cork

Even though you hide my sunglasses,
stick to the sunscreen,
sting when the wind blows
and burn my feet when I want to go in the sea.
Everything´s alright with you.

i think this was for a travel agency promotion or something like that.

from cool to frito

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promoting terrorism


apparently this guy got warned at Heathrow airport (what´s happening there ???) for wearing this t-shirt. reason: promoting terrorism. representation of weaponry is not allowed.

does that mean we can´t watch Rambo on the plane?

wtf! is right.

Ronald Kurniawan

fucking genius! here.

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do something today. it´s mother´s day everyday.

as a brand, why wait ´till mother´s day to say "happy mother´s day"? so you can say it with the rest of them? no. say it when no one says it. if you can, do something today. escape noise, it fucks up communication. as strategy i think it´s a thought with a little nice beginning, then you can build on it. specially if your peeps are mothers. always try to go with something else, it´s mother´s day everyday.

thank you: pravda

radiohead full of ideas

here. tune is out.
buy a bit. remix. upload.
if it´s good, they will listen.

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desktop org


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imagination drafts

Like imagination. It helps to do everything easier.

Drafts of one of the failed pitches we did for a hospital about a year ago.