some pics from RBD08

Rosario Blogday 08 was great. too busy to tell you more about it. thanks Julia for the pics.

today is

definitely a Twitter day for me.

did you know?

a bit late. but here it is.


Rodney Mullen, the Maradona of skate

and YouTube star. 8.6 million views. 22.6 thousand comments.

Ben Walters at The Guardian says something about user-generated content. read it here.

this is how i´m rolling into this weekend V

thanks Atila!


this is how i´m rolling into this weekend
this is how i´m rolling into this weekend II
this is how i´m rolling into this weekend III
this is how i´m rolling into this weekend IV

link roll. busy times.

- meet _S_A_R_A_H_. on Aki´s amazing blog. it´s not all Juan Cabral at Fallon peeps or anywhere else. beautiful ideas can come from anywhere. i love how these don´t even remind me of advertising, yet still are powerful, real, interactive, impactful creative comms strategies.

...maintaining a live, ongoing, public conversation with fans as well as thoughts on how the modern television series is evolving, extending and enhancing their characters and stories using the social web to engage and inspire fans.
i fucking <3 this!

- this post by Nicky - thoughts on brands. like killing them off. a bit too much. i had my say. and we´re all happy now.

- Shaq on Twitter - "Subway it is turkey n cheese um um um lol". yes, it´s him. funny as hell too. and he´s doing My Kidz a Star - a kids video comunity site. check Mimi O´Neal out. surreal!

the Monty Python YouTube channel! - and make sure that vagina is sufficiently lubricated chaps! in context, i can say this sort of thing see?

- PullandBear - clothes. style. cool. teens. did i say cool?

- Method - it´s green. it´s stylish. it´s very well taken care of.

- This is Now - from Sprint. a conceptual widget land..

- Bike Hero by Droga5 - on Paul´s excellent blog.

- yes, i put Iphone stuff on here. but i could care less which computer i use as long as it works and it lets me get to all my stuff online and i´m not a bitter PC user. ok, yes i am. - like numeric pad app for laptops. nice.

- Energuy  - another energy saving site. there´s always a new way.

- and Marvel´s Guide to Manhattan. 

ah, feel much better now.

going to bed. RBD tomorrow morning. then work. RBD. work. RBD. then more work and work some more.

i´m thinking of hospitalizing twitter for a pitch i have coming up. tell you more about that later.

creative team

 for doing stuff.

rel: independent creative team.

find me here, facuvsfacu ( at ) gmail dot com

out there

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find me at facuvsfacu ( at ) gmail dot com

hello world

i´m leaving the agency. 4 years and it´s been the greatest experience of my life. with observation, we put life in what we did. you could try things out for yourself, illustrate, direct art, hell learn some planning. i can say Flaherty is a very cool place to work at. creative focused, free and simple.

now, more. try working somewhere else on something else, meet new people, take photos maybe. find time to get a little bit closer to the world out there. cherish that.

sit. travel. build a castle. work overseas. next door. nothing planned. i´m for hire or for pancakes.

find me at facuvsfacu ( at ) gmail dot com

i´m a brand

you´re a brand.
isn´t it all in the way you go about doing things?

visit Scrapperstown

home of W+K art director, writer, who knows what else. a nice place.

this is how i´m rolling into this weekend V


this is how i´m rolling into this weekend
this is how i´m rolling into this weekend II
this is how i´m rolling into this weekend III
this is how i´m rolling into this weekend IV

magic thief

Haiku from Spain contacted us to do a low budget web vid for this. here´s my favorite version before the "final" cut.

the tracks of my days

Fight Like Apes

Born Ruffians

Throw Me The Statue

what have you been listening to? more here.

my birthday today is

new driver license

just got it.

funny thing is i´d forgotten my glasses for the psychophysical exam and the nice lady let me by, but when i went to have the picture taken they needed to take the picture with my glasses on, no questions asked.
so, when i told the photo guy i´d forgotten my glasses he looks to they guy on his left, extends his hand and says, "Jorge". And "Jorge" opens a drawer and pulls out a pair of the ugliest fucking glasses i´d ever seen. we laughed. (photo is exaggerated for story embellishment purposes).

maybe they could be uglier i said, maybe they could be clown style glasses, who cares, this way no one will ever forget their glasses again.

thank you Jorge

i´d like to add that the atention at the municipal centre has improved a hell of a lot. i got my appointment by phone, my traffic-ticket free waiver from the internet and in an hour got everything done. well done

Rosario BlogDay 2008

don´t miss it.

prevent pedantness

write about things you want to know more about. ask someone for help. get off the fucking horse. i might be wrong. what do you think?

first meeting with restaurant owner in 15min, hoping it goes well. cheers.


or this.

today is Alvaro´s birthday. he used it once for the Alex custome.

post something serious


too busy to succeed.

this is how i´m rolling into this weekend IV

this is how i´m rolling into this weekend
this is how i´m rolling into this weekend II
this is how i´m rolling into this weekend III

Kentucky Country Club

250 families living. 250 lots available.

and the drafts,

(The Shortcut of the Golden Forest)

(The Shortcut of the Four Palm Trees) 250 families already know how to live in nature.
250 lots left. Don´t miss the oportunity to live in the best place to live.

these are supposed to be automatic forest camera pictures, chupacabra style...

A community of 250 families exists in nature. JOIN THEM.

no seeking this year?

last time i threw this over.

and got this thrown back.
i was looking forward to trying something else this year, what happened?

monsters starts with m

 cookie monster starts with c

box monster starts with b


used to work with us. he´s gone to work at the marketing department of a company. we do the company I.D. cards.
we´ve "embellished" his photo, he´ll be delighted.

el campo

in a far away place from the internet...

last sunday, we went to my grandfathers farm with my mom (Andrea), Rodrigo (mom´s boyfriend), my girl (Yami) and my bros (Ale and Mati). here are the pics.

me. red from the sun. trying to get rid of my work related whiteness. i´m by the "parrilla". that´s where the juicy argentinean meat goes! i was also bit hung over. :o

gettin´to work on the fire.

after the fire was lit. my bro, Matias, who´s studying to be a Vet and works at the farm helping my grandpa, asked me to help him to round up a sick cow in a pen so he could give her some injections. that´s her running there, she was furious. she was alone and scared. big mistake. it´s always better to round cows up in a group, they feel a lot safer and she was sick, so, not the best day to visit her.

that´s the crazy zombie cow chasing my brother in the pen. we´d almost locked her up and i scared her somehow and she turned around and started chasing Mati. that´s him to the right, running his ass off. (pics are by my little 10 year old bro, Ale, he was scared, but he watches NatGeo. :b).

Mati, safe. and crazy zombie cow, wanting to eat his brain. you see that!?

crazy zombie cow wanting to eat my brain now. we eventually gave up and let her go. Mati was going to round a couple more so she´d feel safe the next day.

back in the house. horses, like dogs. that´s Rufino (young and playful) and Carita (teen and horny).

more horses. ;)

get closer! yes, mooomm.

kicking the horses out of the house perimeter. so curious these two. they were after the bread on the table outside, the thieves!

outside. go eat your own grass!

gotta have your turkey ("pavo").

don´t know about your peacock though ("pavo real").

that´s Roque. he takes care of everything. he found an injured barn owl and was taking care of him. my grandpa had left his house cat in the farm and the little shit attacked the owl that lived on one of the house palm trees. owls are very important because they eat rats and mice and all the little evilish vermins around. he took care of that cat believe me. anyways,

we tried to make him fly. but one of his wings was badly injured, poor thing(i´m not posting shit about cats anymore friends). owls are such mystical animals, i felt amazing around him. they way they look at you, pure awesomeness.

asado. charcoal, wood, fire, parrilla (iron), meat.

i´m a carnivore, then an omnivore.

Rodrigo and Ale watching THE GAME. see, in Rosario there are two teams, Rosario Central (my team) and Newell´s (that´s the shit team). and the fanatism level is, it´s, like, i mean, sky, stratospheric, jupiterspheric, galaxy... it´s life. here´s a vid from that game. (we were visitors, so we´re not on our stadium, that´s why it looks so shitty)

salad. salad. salads.

get that lettuce in you boy!

that´s the pool. 100m from the house. used to be a water tank. now it´s a sun tanning, water splashing machine of joy.

the scene. the 360º, typical campo argentino.

and we went home.


ok, this is my last obama election post.


270 FTW

today, seriously

i mean, really


AC on?

i wish they made ACs with those strips attached. distinct strips for distinct AC personalities. customizable.

Jan Chipchase would say, "the visual practicalness of ON".