the value of things

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march/25/06, this is a campaign we did with Federico Watkins and Gabriela Arango for Kretz. for their new price verifier, a device for supermarkets where people could check the price of what they were buying and also check out offers or things that were on sale.

1 - "Everything has a price: $ 7,000,398,218,999. Plura. The value of things".

2 - "To deceive a friend costs a friendship.
Plura. The value of things".

3 - "What´s cheap isn´t expensive, it´s cheap.
Plura. The value of things". (This one plays with an old saying that says that if you buy something cheap it will end up costing you, being expensive).

copy: "
Plura improves the shopping experience of your clients: now they can find out the price of what they’re buying without asking anyone, they can check out offers and sales or sum up their goods. Also, it has advantages for your company, because it reports statistics of use, crosses information of consultations and helps measure the efficiency of your offers. And what’s best: on that blue screen at reach, for everyone to see. Plura. Kretz´s price verifier".

and this is the one that didn´t go.

1 - "Huh? Where´s the price? Miss, could you tell me the price of this, this and this?".

2 - "What does that say? On the shelf it said it was cheaper. I´m sorry, the pate doesn´t have a price".

copy: " Plura. Clients with no doubts. Plura is here. And it came to occupy the place that the register, butcher, baker, manager and aisle boy occupied for a long time: to receive clients questions. And also, it´s very functional because it allows you to make offers, sales and even the partial or total sums of the clients goods. Plura. Kretz´s price verifier".

yo leo!

february/14/2006. Transatlantica Viajes y Turismo needed their own portavoucher for the people who were going to travel with them.

we did this with a new guy, Leo Viale. an awesome all-knowing art director, graphic designer, 3D models, internet stuff, everything. he IS amazing. i call him "the brush", anything you can imagine he can draw up and make it great.

anyways, this is boxy, but good ´cause he did it.

"Travel well. Travel with Transatlántica"

smoking is bad for you

january/26/06. so we had to do an in-house campaign for Petrobras.
they were in in the middle of a process to ban smoking in
the company, office and plants for good. they put a date, we did the campaign. it was a long process for us and everyone pitched in thinking, rethinking and getting feedback from the internal communication people at Petrobras.
above and below. are some of the ideas we had for the campaign, these are just some. we also thought up ambients and other actions.

above: 1 - "Could be, but by having a better work environment we meant something else. On May 20th lets rid our environment of smoke". 2 - "From the 20th of May somethings will stop being unnoticed". 3 - "FREEDOM! ON MAY 20TH LETS LIBERATE OURSELVES FROM SMOKE".

below: 1 - "Feel, Freshness of Desk. A purer air is coming to Petrobras". 2 - " Feel, Fragrance of Stair.A purer air is coming to Petrobras". 3 - "Feel, Essence of Laboratory. A purer air is coming to Petrobras".

Copy - "Our idea is work in a
environment. And an environment without smoke is just that. We´re going to have purer, more pleasant places. All you have to do is take a deep breath. You´ll see how everything changes".

another year, another partner

january/20/2006. first work of ´06. we did this one with another great guy, Federico Watkins. he later became a dc for a while and then moved away to the south.

"When you spend the least on the best on the market, you want to tell it to the first one you encounter.

It may be early in the morning, but you get in touch and our operators are already telling you if it´s convenient to sell or wait until the market changes. And that helps decide which way you want to go. Make the deals you want to make and then, tell the tales you want to tell.

FYO.COM Behind great business tales".

"When you sell better then you expected, you want to tell it to the first one who appears.

It may be early in the morning, but you get in touch and our operators are already telling you if it´s convenient to sell or wait until the market changes. And that helps you decide which way you want to go. Make the deals you want ot make and then, turn yourself into the only protagonist of all your tales.

FYO.COM Behind great business tales".

"When you get the bill of lading at the last moment, you want to tell it to the first one who appears.

And it doesn´t matter where you are, because with a simple call, an email or a
text message you may find what you need to know. And that gives you solid ground to make decisions. Make the best deals you can and then tell the tales you always wanted to tell.

FYO.COM Behind great business tales".

we also did some small toads, like the ones on the ads, for the stand at an annual agricultural fair Expoagro. we set them up on the sand "lawn" of the stand and i must say it was an impressive one.

(i couldn´t get the yellow to work. rgb, cmyk, whatchamacallit. i´ll fix it later).

these were all spread across the sand, on the front a toad, on the back it says: "When you make great deals, you want to tell them to the first one who appears, even if it´s a toad

FYO.COM Behind great business tales".

happy holidays

december/28/2005. end of the year. we sent some messages to our clients and the people closest to us.

the first one:
"Because everytime you called to check what was going on with the ad we left you listening "that little music" while searching for excuses to tell you that the ad needed a little more time. Thank you for standing by us. Thank you for believing in what we do. Happy holidays".

the second one:
"This year we worked hard for our clients". (the rest, lined-out, are all marketing terms saying just about the same thing) "The difference between communication and advertising exists. Thank you for defending it all year long. Happy 2006".

and the third one:
"We no longer have to explain to you how to get to Pasaje Saguier, nor remind you to ring the bell at the house with the orange wall or spell out our email address. No doubt, to know you a little more is one of the best thing this year has left us. Our wish is to keep working together on 2006. Happy holidays".

we sent some to some and others to others.

episode I

took a long time this one.

Diego Martín and a great fella Sebastián Feuli created los incansables, Kretz´s technical support by phone. we´re very proud of this one.

a year later we were asked to do episode I, the follow up to the introductory video already on the web site of los incansables. Diego and me wrote the script, Seba did the production.



no brief, no date. just initiative and a proposal.

i like that word, a lot more than option.

so this is the idea we proposed to Cecchini. Purses, Bags and Suitcases.

regrettably, it still lies as a proposal; under the synthetic silk cushions of some couch.

and another

november/09/2005. The Retirement Insurance Department of San Cristóbal wanted to send a birthday salutation to all the clients.

we made this draft of a wheel-card-salutation.

on the front it says "What ever you get, enjoy your day".

the wheel itself is divided into 6 parts, each with a different number representing the age variable (love how that sounds) and messages like: "Today, let them serve you. Toast with everyone, don´t drive afterwards. That thing you wanted, you´re going to get it. ¿Already? ¡How time passes by! You seem a lot younger. ¿What´s your secret?"

on the back: "There´s a life ahead. Enjoy the good times. Happy birthday!"

it´s! very green.

classified building

we´d all love to be there

november/10/2005. another salutation. this time print. the first work i did for FishertonCNN, a news radio station that was sponsoring a junior soccer team´s trip to the USA.

we remixed the most known soccer fan song in argentina by translating some spanish to english.

"TOUR U.S.A. 2006. We´d all love to be there".

partner my was he

november/03/2005. the summer vacations were coming up and Diego and i had to do some print some radio for Transatlántica. Some . we needed famous people. more precisely, the ones known for their stressless (cool word) lives. the pampered ones. at least the ones people saw living like that.

we pitched these:

SOLE ACUÑA. I got tired on my last photo shoot. I need vacations.
ROCCO TRIPODI. TOP PORNO STAR. I´m stressed. I need vacations.


this radio spot is part of the campaign we ended up doing.

- Planning your vacations with Transatlántica is having all the important things totally resolved and so you take care of other things, like Caroline. What are you doing Caroline?
- Checking the zippers on the bags. No, not this one either, ah, could be this one!
- And there you have it! Having your vacations resolved makes you take care of the least important.
This summer travel with Transatlántica and access a special discount before december 15th.

he was my partner

- ¡Mother, happy mother´s day!
- ¡Oh, Romualdo Evaristo Jorge Alberto, son of mine, it´s beautiful, oh beautiful, beautiful, I´m going to die!
- A Cecchini purse may overjoy your mom, but take it easy, this only happens in soap operas.
- Cecchini. Purses, bags and suitcases.

in october/30/2005 i was teamed up with a great guy, diego martín cikes. my mentor (said as the bad guy on some epic movie). he´d kill me for saying that. he left the agency a little while later, he´d been there for about 3 years and came back a year later. he´s in his hometown now, seeking a bit of tranquility and i think it´s great, but also a waste of great talent. anyways, we like how this turned out.

start at the beggining

We are proud that there’s proof that Justice is still gaining experience.
San Cristóbal
salutes you on the day of your birthday.

25 years with the
Magistrate School of the Province of Santa Fe.

one of my first works.