ads with "real people"

read this post by Dear Jane Sample today.

i had to comment:
if a client wants to communicate that they are green, socially responsible, high tech and this and that. in the end, why not double that bet? if you´re this and all that let´s see it, in fact no, let´s push it more! what do you do, what CAN you do? for real.
what i want to say is that sometimes it´s not about saying, but sharing. sharing reality. no ad gags or puns. just telling a neat story in a neat way.
i mean, why try to embellish something that´s already beautiful in it´s own way? when telling a story, reality kicks fiction´s ass. so why not try?

Honda Live Ad

a must post. because this is what ideas are all about. after all the drafting and munching, going out there and trying something transcendental.
cheers for Honda, i wish i could work for a client like you. and W+K or 4Creative, big love to you, because you have tremendous inspiring balls.

March of the Giant

During a political Farm versus Government manifestation in Rosario, Argentina a giant marches along it´s merry way.


it´s that macho inside you. so you urghnm! to stop the emotions from bursting out in front of your colleagues, yeah it was nice you say, urghnm! piano, urghnm! encounter with kiss, urghnm! hope, urghnm! to lovely to urghnm! describe now. watch. urghnm!



we´re all in this hell together, that´s a good thing.
a friend sent me this. fun is contagious and therefore a disease. so here´s the National Organization for Legislation Against Fun. it´s not fun, it´s serious business by Element79 for Frito Lay´s Tostitos.

these things

i like.

the guys voice is glorious. i never get tired of it.

great stunt.

back to work.

*censored*, i´ll post when i want to

but i have no time now.

i have seen a couple of things of the most interesting nature and there´s other things i want to say about posting. but i´ll get back to you on that soon as i can. cheers for now. :)

proud of my uni

an ex professor of mine sent me this email. it made me proud. because i finished university and never paid a dime. and i know that everything that happens there takes tremendous effort from people who truly love the university and what they do.

it said something like this:

The National University of Rosario presents it´s new Digital Interactive Communication Plan.

The plan´s main objective is the search of horizontality in communication.

From this perspective the Department Of Multi Medial Communication researched and analyzed diverse alternative systems with the characteristics that would allow the development of a this project with an open, dynamic, horizontal, non hierarchic, rapid grasping and high accessibility conception. A model centered on the user and the content, not programing or visual design, without intermediaries and of great visibility for search engines.

The new University of Rosario portal is conformed by a net of independent but articulated spaces. Digiblog, the university´s journalist space for articles and interviews about education, culture, science and technology; Infoblog, dedicated to institutional communication with general university information; Uniblog, news, events of the faculties and university schools; VLOGTV, web news of weekly edition; Radioblog, podcasts of news about the university; Fotoblog, multi medial photographic gallery, Blografías (life stories), 16 biographical documentaries told in first person in 9 minutes that try to, with interviews, get to know the social through the individual sustained on the personal experience, that will be broadcasted on the web and an educational or cultural cable tv channel.
This adds to the virtual stage of each department, direction or program that from a decentralized, collaborative and distributed perspective, will upload their content directly without any type of intermediation, with the responsibility of each sector and area of the university government.
These contents were generated by both the area multi medial design and production and the area of audiovisual production of the DCM, Direction of Press and the responsible of institutional communication of each faculty, as the information produced of each department, will be sent weekly to communications media and education institutions by the digital bulletin NUR Newsletter.
On University Radio (i used to be a producer there hehe), from a cross-media perspective, Radioblog, NUR audionews and Digiblog will be broadcasted.

These media complement with Blog de Notas, a monthly newspaper, where you can find a selection of Digiblog and Infoblog produced material.

may 25th

198 years ago the neighbors of Buenos Aires met and lit up the idea of being free, independent, protagonist and makers of their own fate. the revolution had begun.

198 years later. here a pictures of the farms people meeting with some of the same ideas. pics are from my girls balcony. this is in Rosario, behind the crowd is the beautiful Paraná river and the people in the park are having an act in front of the Monument to the Flag. this was early when they were gathering. by 1pm there were around 300,000 people.

government wants to raise taxes on the farms profits. the farms are pissed off. typical political atmosphere in Argentina.

i posted about this before.

Guernica 3D

by Lena Gieske, student from The University of Georgia.
enjoy. click image or here.

found: adarena

more color

by motion designer/VJ Mate Steinforth. check his work here.

found: computerlove

do the things you want to do

Pork and Beans video.
looks like Weezer´s go it.

found: paul isakson

ipod. color like no other

music by The Ting Tings, hope by Mike Byrne.

found: only dead fish


check this new tech out.

imagine the possibilities!

found: carb free creativity


action force having fun with a high speed HD camara.


creative harvest

why? who? i don´t know, but it´s fantastic.

found: noisy decent graphics

same, but greener

Haga clic aquí con el botón secundario del mouse para descargar imágenes. Para ayudarle a proteger su confidencialidad, Outlook ha impedido la descarga automática de esta imagen desde Internet.

this came in an email today.

Ecoogler. a search engine to help heal the Amazon and forests from all over the world. works the same as Google but the catch is that you donate leaves by using it.

Ecoogler is here due to serious deforestation issues. that´s why every 1 million donated leaves Google will donate trees to the Aquaverde association to reforest the Amazon and forests from all over the world. so i say help and use Ecoogler, because it´s the same shit, but better.

cosmic soda


t-shirt design share´n´stuff.

submit. vote. shop. enjoy.


great pic from daily dose of imagery. so toyish.

mates & blogs

Mate & Blogs 2008
just got invited to go here on saturday. it´s mates & blogs!

it´s an initiative to promote meetings with a workshop dynamic. each encounter will have a different theme and will try to be an experimental space oriented towards exchanging ideas, generation of face to face contact and production of content. Participation is open and free.

the invitation says, important: bring own mate equipment, the organization takes care of the croissants.

a mate is this and this and this.


Retirement Insurance drafts

none of these went out.
they had their time in the cool down box, so i´m taking them for a ride. the story is this:
San Cristóbal Retirement Insurance wanted a new product campaign for 2008 and also they were having their 20th anniversary, but they wanted to communicate both things separate.
so we pitched 3 ideas for the product. and 2 for the 20th anniversary motive. again, none of these went out. so they´re all very rough drafts, copy is still lorem ipsum.

product drafts






the drafts are a bit quirky on this one but the important thing is that to make this one happen the idea was to go out and find people (45-55) in everyday places, dress them up from the chest up (as they would be when they´re 20 years older, wigs, make up, glasses, etc.) and ask them how they imagine themselves then. we´d document this, and make the ads happen.

these are very rough ads of the idea detailed above.

I see my grandchildren discovering where I hide the candy.

We see ourselves as very sundayers.

domingueros = in argentina, people who regularly go out to parks or drive around, very slowly, with the whole family on sundays.

note: this was thought work in conjunction to 20th anniversary draft 2) below.




20th anniversary drafts
since 1988.

SINCE 1988.


since 1988. since 1992. since1997. since 2002. since 2008.

so, as i always like to say. it´s always good to try, fucking great to share.

blog failure

click image.
a defect blog. it´s a 10 invasions of Iraq out of 10 invasions of Iraq.

found: carbfreecreativity.

the landlord

Cannes viral

we make this, viral.

why the commercial format?

do people that work in this industry bust their heads at work everyday? probably sí.

i´m just saying it didn´t touch me. it didn´t make me hope. could´ve been a bit dirtier.

welcome to Juan Perez´s 2x2
box 12hs day after day struggle with a pinch of denial, frustration, all ego destroyer life of a winner of a Cannes Lion.
Juan Perez can also inspire you to stop bitching about how difficult this job can be because it´s also rewarding, ergo Cannes Lion. cue the possibilities.
then again, i´m not a Cannes candidate, but i like to think the majority of us are Juan Perez. and that it´s all just blood pumping through our veins, that goes to the brain and makes some of us think golden feline stuff.

found: 360 digest

((( grrr ))) : suckness has good reverberation

hey, you know the other day i was
"´cause you had a bad day, taken one down..."
in the supermarket and i was watching this lady
"´cause you had a bad day, taken one down..."
squeeze the hell out of all the tomatoes. it was funny because
"´cause you had a bad day, take one down..."
she´d toss one back in the box and move on to the next one.
"´cause you had a bad day, take one down..."
she probably took only 3 tomatoes.
"´cause you had a bad day, take one down..."
she had a squeeze-buy ratio of 20-3.

grrr ringtones.

"´cause you had a bad day, take one down..." is one of the account guys´ ringtones. it frankly sucks. and it´s suckness reaches every corner of the agency. so it must have good reverberation.

i admit i like the animal sound ones for text message alerts, like a frog or a horse, but that´s it. i prefer the old ring ring for everything else.

mac again & again

video for the single Again&Again by a band called The Bird and The Bees, produced by Dennis Liu.

found: adarena

75 years

Lacoste Future campaign.

for our 75th birthday let´s imagine 75 years from now.
future is a hard subject, but i think they pulled it off. and the shoes rock! although i bet 75 years from now they´ll still be too expensive for me.

found: computerlove

have you been to

the FWA Theater?


humidity: 81%. now isn´t that interesting.

jedi routine

gymnastics with a ball. meh.
gymnastics with a hoolahoop (this spelled right?). meh.
gymnastics with wand-with-paper-thing. meh.
gymnastics with lightsabers. heh!

for the Olympics? sign here.

found: rubbish.

enchanted party

i went to this last night.

a friend of mine makes it happen so i went as i promised i would so many times.

first set, 1/2 guileyioio.

second, DJ valery, from Buenos Aires. she´s very charismatic from what i could tell by her set, she loves to party!

andrés zacco was there also. he´s sick. check his space out.

the invisible man

i found this pic on daily dose of imagery. instant greatness.

Scott Hansen

today i listened to Tycho - Cascade. (get your free copy here, part of the Ghostly Swim compilation) and later ran into this on Digg. an interview of an illustrator, ISO50, that does amazing work. and he turns out to be Tycho also!
"Hi There! My name is Scott Hansen, I'm 30 years old and live in San Francisco. I split my time creating visual work as ISO50 and making music as Tycho".

check his toned blog here.

walk of no shame

this has hope, doesn´t it?

by DDB New York, i think.

no news today

by Pixelsurgeon on Flickr.

you´re used to see them talking away. and when you don´t, it´s something different. could this idea be a simple example of Dru´s disruption?


Won the Oscar for Best Animated Short, 1990.

ambitious animation

fucking superb!!! best thing i´ve seen in a long time. amazing the work they put in to it!

this was made by Blu. painted on public walls in Buenos Aires and in Baden (Fantoche). the music by Andrea Martignoni. production by Mercurio Films. check out their blog too.

found on a twitt by cris/crusty.

surprise, it´s Richie Havens

just saw this vid on a rock show on tv. so i looked Richie up and found his first appearance on the BBC in the UK and that he´s going to play live at Cannes´ opening ceremony this year. (insert onomatopoeia comment now).

observation all over again

i believe observation is one of the pilars of what i do. i did my thesis about it: observation for creative writing. i was surprised at the implications that something so obvious had on everything that mattered to me professionally in communication.

observation in brand building, observation for stereotype killin´, observation for originality, observation to pave the way. in the end, observation for ideas.

observation is an attitude. that´s why taking up a writing workshop with other people or an art seminar from a guy who´s been places or rocking in a band or writing about music, blogging, and sharing what you see in general to get feedback on points of view, basically, staying in touch with reality and people will always be fun, but also, useful to keep your feet on the ground and close to the people you´re going to be talking to in the end.

anyways i found this here. Jan Chipchase is awesome. this guy is a real observer. read his blog. also, see how technology can help us observe, share and work, as a comms guy or whatever. this presentation is about design, product development and it´s interesting because the spark is what? yes, the attitude of observation.

coupl´a things i found on a sunday

- a post from portfolio night. it´s from a guy i met there, Víctor Loza. he´d come all the way from mexico to break in the buenos aires ad biz. i found his blog. on this post he says at the end, "no doubt that everyone´s portfolio was varied and wanting to get to a higher level, but one portfolio stood out for it´s freshness and surprising writing. click here to see it. the prints inside were analized in three turns by the most important creatives in argentina".

he was talking about my portfolio! now that´s an honor, DCs are cool, but this is cooler. and also, talking to the students that organized the night. they also checked out my book and we had a laugh. emails exchanged also. i´m really surprised at everything that happened there and the good that it did.

- i´m already loving difficult is worth doing. apart from that it´s damn right, i love the strategic thinking of it.

- this brand tags thing is very interesting. Noah is trying to tag people´s perception, hence clouds. great project. it´s brands for now, but could also be celebrities, politicians, whatever lives in people´s heads. wait, in the end they´re all brands! go, paul newman. found on talent imitates.

- shadow outlines with chalk. beauty of an idea. found on noisy decent graphics.

colorful luthier

i´m at a friend´s house. it´s luis´(my art partner´s birthday). someone just showed me this video. i think it´s amazing. ok, back to my fernet with coke.

and a little something extra. kung fu casting.
i´d say, this is a classic case of head body di-synchronization. your head believes in your body but your body let´s it down. cheers.

Wieden + Kennedy gave me this sticker

and this mixtape.

for doing this.

i failed, but got a thank you. and it made my day.

portfolio night trip

took route 9 to buenos aires.
stayed at a cheap hostel (window was broken so i froze to death that night).
cue. entrance. beer. wait. beer.
start! hello. more yeses than nos. thank you. some email exchange.
bar with friends. got lost.
reached hostel. slept. froze.
came back with a big fat smile.

in order of hugs:
Ignacio Oreamuno, IHAVEANIDEA´s president.
Rodrigo Grau, DC, BBDO Argentina, i think.
Damian Kepel, DC, Kepel y Mata.
Jonathan Gurvit, DC, Ogilvy, i think.
Papón Ricciarelli, DC, McCann Erickson.

all capos.
thankful for your time and advice.

oh, my book is here.

interesting links

- PMOG. a Passively Multiplayer Online Game where you play without playing. clicking around the internet turns into experience points and currency.

- igoogle artist themes. world-class artists and innovators on your personalized Google homepage. like, uhm, the beastie boys!

- J Shih Chieh Huang. this artist is sick! check this out. love tech artists.

- Walter Martin and Paloma Muñoz interview on Beautiful Decay.

- this picture on daily dose of imagery. always a great pic site. the city loks like a toy.

- Joshua Hoffine photography. booh!.

- the 1-1 project. SHOWstudio partners with NIKE to challenge established and emerging artists, designers and creatives to devise new work inspired by the relationship between art and football.

- the power of books series. by mladen penev. excellent.


Josh Raskin's 2007 short film.

my paul newman weekend

friday night: did nothing. watched the sting. robert redford, glorious. and paul fucking newman.

saturday - afternoon: played futbol. tied 0-0. failed chance to score at the end. shit.

- evening: shower. went with my uncle to see the popular 80´s dj prepping for that night. one of them, Albano, is an old friend of my uncle´s.
after that we went to Digital Camp. here are the pics. other pics are in another camera and i don´t have it with me.

Digital Camp was pretty cool. it surprised me that there were a lot of people with their kids. in fact there were a lot of things for the little guys. I saw this "create your own blog" stand, a computer picnic area, online games, artists painting walls, live blue screen animation, a conference area and lots of other things. when i got there there was a show on, a dj and a vj doing like an electronic circus with guys flying with harnesses in front of screens and lasers and shit. it looked and sounded pretty cool.

- night: then we went with my aunt, uncle and some friends of theirs to the Magical 70´s 80´s and 90´s Party. holy shit. the food was great. my girl was working there so i got a couple of free drinks. but, i´m telling you, the average dance floor people age was 60. haha! and what the fuck was i doing there? i don´t know but it was wonderful. i drank a little too much, i think it was to overcome the impetuous naphthalene reek. more pics on that soon.

sunday: nothing. watched Cool Hand Luke. go Paul Newman! last night i danced with your fans.

flu vaccine

The flu waits the bus at night,
goes to school at 6 thirty in the morning
and forgets his umbrella when there´s a rain forecast.

The flu is you. Think ahead, vaccinate yourself.

Think ahead, live easier.

not see. watch

great campaign. click on the image and make sure you watch all (press next) the banners made by Glue for the Royal Marines Commando. talk about production, fuck! i like the pages where they placed them also.

found: carb free creativity


this guy is Mike Byrne. after the jump you can read more about him. but what will, hopefully, be more interesting is what he thinks. and what he says about what he thinks. through observation, about kids, of hope, with a couple of 30 sec. films or commercials and talking about not talking like adults. how he sees brands and how they can say something meaningful. cool stuff. click image to view podcast.

found: after the savoy truffle

yesterday was 1st of may and tomorrow will be 3rd of may

and that´s laborer day in argentina. one day off and lots happened.

i stayed a bit later at the office to participate in a webinar. i was interested in what a webinar actually was. since i´m going to portfolio night i got invited:

BLACK BAG talent attraction + acquisition, Portfolio Night 6 Global Partner and first ihaveanidea sponsor, invites all PN6 attendees to participate in a special edition of Camp BLACK BAG: The Boot Camp For Your Career. This globe-spanning online webinar will be hosted by Heidi Ehlers, Founder of BLACK BAG and facilitator of the popular Diary of a Creative Director series – a huge hit in Cannes last year where Heidi invited Tony Granger, Marcello Serpa and Erik Vervroegen to the stage to reconstruct the progression of their careers.

Camp BLACK BAG's special Portfolio Night 6 Webinar w
ill be broadcast live on Wednesday, April 30th, 2008, from 6PM–7PM, UTC -4. Refer to the chart below for corresponding times in your city.

i "attended" with no sound, i had to dial something up, i didn´t quite get it. and the webinar was a bit self-help, you know, "set your goal, where do ya´wanna work in 5 years?, if you want to be CD of CP+B get a plan going" and all that kinda of stuff, i´m avoiding saying shitty. i think it makes you wonder what happiness is. and why there are webinars with subjects like "getting to the top" instead of "making yourself laugh with yellow three dimensional rice cakes". sure, i´m always thinking of what i want to do with my life and how to get there and if i should go to sydney where my dad lives and work there or go to europe or keep growing here where i´m actually doing pretty well, but, yes but, the days go by. do great work today. enjoy today. plan for tomorrow, but be healthy, not seminar-attending-obsessed. at least not in this career. having fun is probably the best thing we can do. it´s one frustration after the other sometimes. you´ll probably fucking die from a stroke crossing the street to buy cigarrettes if you add "planning ahead to be CD of CP+B by 2018".

after the webinar i went to one of my little cousin´s (Lucia) birthday. my uncle and auntie were there and i went to help them out with burgers and beer drinking before the horde of 14 year old mobile talking, brit-dancing, hamburger-devouring girls dropped in.

my uncle is one of my best friends. he´s a motorcycle riding 40 year excited motherfucker. he owns an office design-furniture company and is actually working on another project that blew my mind when he showed me that night at his computer. i can´t say much about it but i will when he gives me permission. it´s quite beautiful stuff, related to office shit obviously.

i have a vid, not with me now of my auntie scaring the fuck out of the girls when they were watching a horror film at the end of the b-day. i´ll get that later.

i left greeting as i went to the door. and went rushing to a poker game. drank a lot of beer. won quite a bit of money and went to bed. beat.

that morning my grandma (from my dad´s side) which was suffering a terrible and debilitating disease died. so we went with my bro and my girl to the funeral.

my grandpa told us stories of when he was a salesman for an iron making company. While working, Diego, one of my cousins told us he had to call up the place where my grandpa used to work and he said that everyone remembered him. he was one of the founders of a sales branch for the company. the guys there said that they still have "mottos" or phrases that my grandpa, an honest hardworking man used to say, and they still remain, unwritten, but engraved in the soul of the place. amazing stuff.

that night my mom threw a "get together" for the whole family (from her side) because i was the first Galli to ever finish uni. so, we ate, celebrated. my mom and my little brother made a huge cloth banner and wrote congrats facu or something like that with paper and it looked crappy yet so tacky and wonderful hung above the table.

went to bed. slept. woke up thinking of work. went to sleep again. and here i am.

on saturday i´m going here:

Digital Camp.

this, this, this and this will be happing there. also, a guy writing words via walking with a GPS and shit like that. cool stuff.

and then to a huge 70´, 80´s and 90´s private party. where i will bondishly enter through the kitchen since i don´t have tickets but a friend and my girl will be working there. maybe i´ll also get free drinks. cheers to all!