ken lee

the world is a beautiful place.

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red cell and electric eye

just trying things out.
red cell or heart
filming a red cushion through a pressed cardboard tube.
electric eye
filming a broken twittering light and edited mixing ads and a bit of David Bowie.


so there it is. a bit of an ass kickin´for all those other star-thirsty sports brands.

enchanted thursdays


a friend´s (feuli) invitation.

SIN K is born

a world without Kirchner. SIN K.
Your visit makes it grow!

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show vs is

promise vs reality. what is shown vs what is. here.

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new cr: planners

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Nokia nanotech

nice presentation!

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new cr: agency

my interpretation sketch.

know what i mean here.

bravo Penguin!

Penguin Books is doing We Tell Stories. a campaign entirely on "new" media. the idea is that 6 writers tell 6 stories in 6 weeks (on 2nd week now). the coolest part is that these written stories will be told/designed using digital media, for example, Google Maps for Charles Cumming´s ´the 21 Steps´ and Twit/ter and Blo/gs Toby Litt´s ´Slice´.

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Robots and Spaceships

a red haired cheap bitch lend me this book for 2 mins. great stuff. old tin robot toys from the space invasion black and white tv days. the controls, buttons, lights, eyes, antennas, ray guns, i loved it. reminds me of the toys i used to find in my grandpa´s house.

at home today

i´m sick. :(

so i´m watching tv to see what happens with the general agricultural strike all across argentina. 13 days now.
this happened because the government wants a bigger cut from the export profits that are at an all time record.

just heard the government won´t negotiate unless they stop cutting the roads. here strikes are made by cutting roads, a modus operandi called "piquete".



+ education. design. art.
+ experience. cool head. strategy. direction.
+ crazy. failure.
+ good work.
= + smiles everyday.

coupl´a tunes for semana santa

positive experience

went to a party a friend of mine organized last night. it was killer. danced all night because andrés zacco played. it was a great night. i´m very happy i didn´t miss it.

to try out

- social thing. another social network site that gathers all the other social network sites.

- ikariam. game.

- aviary. full out design and production 2.0!

we think

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there´s lots more


i´ll get to this post later.

fabulous weekend

my dad came to visit. he lives in australia but since he had to pass by buenos aires on his trip from germany he came by to stay for the weekend.
first night we watched football. the men in the house. my two bros, my dad and me. Rosario Central vs Olimpo. R.C. won 3-1 woo hoo! after the game we went with my dad and little bro to eat pizza at Via Apia.
saturday we went to have lunch at the club and my bro and i played football with Escarpa while my dad and my little bro, alejo (11), watched. we lost 0-3. my bro played defense, i played forward. we didn´t have luck i guess. we started with ten, in the second half, we were eleven and we played better. bit disorganized that first game of the season was (everyone has a Yoda inside). afterwards we went to watch rugby at the 4 hectares. it was Rosario against Salta. a friend of my dad´s son played so we went to say hi and watched. Rosario won and qualified. that night we went to a sea food place, Il Piccolo di Navio, excellent. afterwards my girl and i went to O´Connell for a couple of pints.
on sunday we spent the whole day at/in the club. we had lunch with friend´s of my dad´s and swam in the pool. at night we watched Fútbol de Primera, a resume of all the games and went to bed early.
this morning we had breakfast together, i was off to work, he was off to australia.

what´s europe?


iain tait on embracing creative change

acme climate action

this for a book. right on.

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how my Martha sails!

some guy submerged in his own world. talking about sailing on his Martha. how Martha sails like no one. amazing is my Martha! while, beyond his sensations, Poseidon is pissed off. Protect that which only you feel sailing (not sure about grammar on this one).
this was a while back. we pitched this well-done-draft for a San Cristóbal sailboat insurances offer. just a radio spot, they didn´t want a campaign. it didn´t go. they ended doing nothing for it. shame, i liked this one.

TechnoViking´s You! Dance


i went.
bs. as.
walked a lot. went to bond street.
saw lots of nice things. nice dark/goth-anime chicks.
i would´ve loved to invite them to my "darkness level" stand and take pictures and measure their level of darkness. 0 being a construction worker. ten, i don´t know.
ate at burguer king, in a great mansion. worlds clash.
stopped on pellegrini, front of the obelisk, 9 de julio all over. beer. beer. beer. talked with nacho and seba.
shower. pub.
gibraltar. spectacular. dark beers. fried chicken with honeymustard. curry chicken with rice. english pie, meat and shrooms. pleasurable sir. yes sir sir.

right right right brothers! INTERPOL. at the gran rex. clockwork. if you closed your eyes, it was a cd. i don´t like that too much. but it was perfect. long repertoire, too. since they never overplayed a tune or talked more than two words. they were a plant playing great tunes. and the guitar guy was in his own world, moving all over. they didn´t play next exit or take you on a cruise. :( but it was a great recital. they´re very good. no need for any other crap, just their music.

i hate telemarketing

i got a call a couple of weeks ago from some of these pests (La Meridional Insurance Company telemarketing dickheads) and told them to fuck off. later i got another call and they caught me in a good mood so i listened.
the story was this: through Banco Francés i was getting insurance for personal accidents via La Meridional, a company of the AIG (American Insurance Group), and i believed it was free! what a dumb ass!
2 days ago i got the policy, of course i had to pay for it. debit. i went to the bank and they told me to talk with the insurance company and now i´m calling, long distance, and no one is answering and i´m pissed off.
i mean why the fuck does the bank have to give my contact info and my credit card number and all my shit to another company without my authorization. now, i want nothing to do with that bank. soon as i´m done loosing time with these pricks i´m telling the fucking bank to get the fuck out of my life. forever.

La Meridional


Banco Francés


very little can make a big difference

Very little can make a big difference.
A plus of tranquility for your health

wings print campaign

this after this, this and this.

you go girl!

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about finding inspiration

a found this post on digicynic and couldn´t avoid commenting:

"i did a thesis “observation in advertising. a perspective on creative writing in communication”. i was very interested in the old-school get out there meet people, listen to people talk in bars, how they talk, what they talk about, what they do in supermarkets, what fruits do they squeeze, that kind of stuff. i was very excited when i started working. i work in a creative focused agency and we always said, i guess i was taught, start with the people to talk to the people, get creative in story telling, it´s their story. where you look i guess is defined by the brief. i´ll get to the point, a bit of that died in me as i started finding so many things on the net, but i still think it´s a great exercise and it should never be lost. i had the opportunity of interviewing a couple of trainees (i hate that word) and i enjoyed hours of talks about this being the first step, then ideas, then strategy. i don´t know where inspiration comes in all of this, i don´t bealive too much in the ingenius part of creative, i think it´s all about story telling, observation, ideas and tying it all on strategy. big juggling game".

a good story about confidence

i found and commented this on scamp:

"why the reductionism? "the singing dog idea" was done back in..." etc.

when i saw the idea unfolding i was wondering how they were going to pull it off, thinking brand strategy here.

"polo confidence" is what made me smile. ideas are nothing with out a comms strategy. safety. small but tough, etc. i mean the job´s well done. the shriveled dog is fucking great!

and i think people see into this. if it´s a great idea but it doesn´t have closure, it ends up having a "bad aftertaste" (bad metaph.).

it doesn´t build on anything. it´s just a good idea from an overly-excited-look-at-me-please-creative-kid.

tying these things up is the hardest part of writing.

a bit on the other post for this. i´m all for creative freedom, but doesn´t and ECD have everything to do with doing great strategic comms for their client´s brands!?"

i stand corrected

thanks to an anonymous tip, the band is pronounced M-G-M-T. see for your self!

sarcasm alert.

hail insurance drafts

Protect your whole car with Auto Plus Más and Auto Plus Mega.

we pitched these (left and below) drafts a long time ago. they never went out. i think one of the ideas was approved but got lost in all the red tape in bureaucracy heaven. another failure. i like them a little bit though. helped out a trainee with them. damian. nice guy. he got fired. :(

By parking away from the game you protect your car. And by having Auto Plus Más and Auto Plus Mega you protect your car from hail.

By parking away from a construction site you protect your car. And by having Auto Plus Más and Auto Plus Mega you protect your car from hail.

blaspheme if not pronounced management!

thanks to beedub, i discovered MGMT ( pronounced management, as everyone reminds you all the time).
they´re an electro-rock band. to me they sound like modern-psychedelic-beegees, but they´re great. i also like they´re art, the video and the pages.
i said, holy mgmt! who are they? (this page is holy cooly too!) and the video, yes, too! holy roley foley mgmt!

last one out

of the agency, again.

i deserve some beer.

reminds me of the comment i left on the great drinks debate at the ad-pit today:

"i was at a friend´s house the other day. we were drinking, yes, regular beer, stellas i think.
one of the guys had brought this ale.

no one drinks ale here. all lager. cat piss lager (as Mr. Mortimer would put it). but this Otro Mundo stuff is export quality and was really great.

the guy told us that in the south there´s more of a beer culture and they make all kinds of good shit.

i remember the first time i went to Australia i was amazed at the amount of beer they guys there drank. it´s that english culture i guess. here (Argentina), we drink a lot of wine (red, malbec mostly) or fernet (italian digestive drink mixed with coke, great stuff) and yes, some great cat piss lager.

shit, i´m going for a beer after work!


and that´s what i´m going to do now, so byebye.

you´re a great person when you do great things

you´re a bigger (greater in spanish) person when you run a marathon to help out a kids´ hospital.
so we pitched this draft idea. for it, we rejected the brief and changed the media. it ultimately didn´t go out. but it would´ve been a nice campaign.
basically, it´s was huge running shoe boxes in parks and places where athletes frequented (sports shops also). huge running t-shirts on balconies. Huge prints with huge running numbers. etc. all with the tag line: HELPING MAKES YOU BIG (GREAT, in spanish).
this is from a while back, i don´t know why i forgot about this particular failure.

carl´s magic mirror