i hate advertising II

how much is that tree in front of the kiosk getting paid to get plastered?  the kiosk owner doesn´t care and.it´s just plain wrong,

Jan would have something more interesting to say about this type of thing.

rel.: i hate advertising

crisis visualized + conspiracy paranoia

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.


now watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOfTkwTc0II RATM + mr. moore.


we{re busy

like Jhon here.


this blew my face off


online. all night.


Geek Football. Live!

our local twitter community gets together for a match. i´ve been invited!

we´re streaming it live.

there´s also a blog, naturally.

we´ve been having a lot of interesting ideas for this and recruiting people to help and make them happen.

for now, stretch.


The Project 100...Countdown to Connect!
View more presentations from Nojacketreq.

i´ve participated in yet another charitycommunity made non-profit project.

Project 100. as an author in Connect! Marketing in the Social Media Era. a book by 100 people made for Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

but i´m no expert. i just told a story about an idea.

thanks Jeff for the invite and all your help.

Erik Vervroegen & Philippe Meunier answered my question

via IHaveAnIdea. and here´s the podcast vid. my question is the second one, about recruiting talent on a global scale.


sunday. off to the campo!

first, i got the "i´m bored" look.

i said, "let´s go to the circus!", but it didn´t look very lively.

so, we headed off to the campo.

and off.

it was a long drive.

i pulled the crusin´ stance.

and the one-handed.

and the "trucker".

and the "honey, hold the wheel for a sec".

then i started to get anxious.


and started to fool around.

 she didn´t like it one bit, so she took over. (notice how we went from a 100 to 20).

but, she got us there.

there was a rooster waiting for us.

and some reading.

there was a bomb in da pool!

and a praying mantis stopped by to say hello.

big trees.

and as the sun set, he drove us back.

thank you all

Some Twestival Cities

welcome to twestival.

togetherness for charity:water.

TwestiDrink. the solidary drink.

TwestiDrink. the solidary drink.

By consuming this refreshing drink you will not only help vigorize your nocturnal chi.

You will also help help donate money to Charity:Water, the organization that helps a lot of people get clean, safe water to drink.


Twestitrago. el trago solidario.

Consumiendo este refrescante trago no sólo vas a ayudar a vigorizar tu chi nocturno.

También vas a estar ayudando a donar dinero a Charity:Water, la ONG que ayuda a que mucha gente pueda acceder a agua potable y segura.


working on www.rosario.twestival.com with www.cairomedina.com.
tomorrow is the day! be at the nearest twestival, don´t miss it.


Fede liked

our card.

here, he takes it for a ride.

it´s here

it crossed the Atlantic as i hoped it would. and now i´m taking it to the loo.

thank you ben. thank you russell. again, well done.

i got copy 906/1000.

Pruane kapows 50 cent

YT. power to the peeps.


cairo\medina@work (¿?)

Twestival Rosario: here

4 days, 5 nights to go.