unity in diversity

october/04/2007. Kretz hosts family day once or twice a year, during which they treat a particular theme, like beeing green, so on that day, all of the company´s employees and guests do activities accordingly, like planting trees. this time the theme was unity in diversity, and the idea was to have lunch and watch a movie about it.
they asked us to do internal prints about this theme that were going to be put up on walls all around the plant. we took pictures of the actual people that worked there and made this.

Daniel, to his friends at work. Kerblat, to his friends in Saturn.

Is afraid of dragon flies. Is afraid of dragon flies.

Likes french fries with ketchup. Likes french fries with mayonese.

At first sight we´re all too alike or too different.
Until you get to know each other a little more. There you realise that yes, you´re more alike then you thought or no, nothing like it, you´re very different. But, maybe now you don´t care much anymore. Because you made a friend or simply because he´s just nice, and you accept him, not for what he looked like at first sight, but for how he really is.

And these are the drafts that didn´t go.

We all see something different. To accept it is to integrate.

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