choto series. 1.

it´s fuck the world, but with a plan.

i´ve been a little weird lately. thinking a lot, with my ear phones on of course. sometimes i think i don´t give shit anymore. still working, doing my "job", things are getting done. but the positive passion is gone for now.
on the other hand, i´ve been planning a lot of other things, i´m doing a defense on my thesis at the university in a couple of weeks, this weekend i´m going to Buenos Aires to see Interpol and i´m getting my Italian passport soon and hopefully.
i´m also working on a couple of books, training for the football season that starts now, learning how to work some design programs and if all goes right i´ll be doing rounds in Europe by the end of the year.

people in order

1 to 100 by 1 to 100.

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amigos Kramer

friends from Kramer just finished their page. lovely.


Alejo. one of my bros. 16 years younger than me. this is from his vacation. he went to visit dad in australia. i love this pic.




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HEMA´s page

HEMA is a dutch department store. the idea on their page is simple, stupid and i love it.

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yesterday´s meeting doodles

positive post

this is the board i have up on my pc tower to keep track of all the work. we´re on fire. and we´re only a few. :(

i´m currently working on four nice campaigns. for a fashion brand, a real estate agency, an insurance company (they´re doing two separate campaigns at once) and a radio show. i tried, on most of the briefs, to steer away, think different, sometimes even reject and build on them.

i´m psyched. the ideas are flowing, the clients are happy, the guys are happy, and things are looking bright, not just good. it´s great when you can do what you love, idea-wise, and the clients are looking forward as much as you to get them done well.

this is turning out as a positive post but (here´s a little pause and...) i guess with more responsibilities i´ve grown a bit (there it is). now i know what i want and where i want to take the work. everything i´ve done in the past, is ok. but what i want to do now is to take it further, even at a small agency you can do great work. with all the limitations. ideas are still powerful things.

2 years into this did something to me. i still want to travel to europe or the states to seek creative opportunities, i mean i sent w+k a pdf! but my perspective on communication is changing (as i speak! nah) and my thinking´s gone berserk. that is: strategy. ideas to build on. before it was getting the job done, being creative for an ad or two. well, it´s gotten bigger now.

i´ll keep you posted as i go through, maybe you´ll see what i mean, maybe not. maybe i´ll sleep on drafts. all i know is this. it´s always good to try. it´s fucking great to share!

last night´s lunar eclipse

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Ken Madore

ooh. the human dark side artist. see for yourself. the black sickness series. great.

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natura hippie gaudi home

you have to have at least cool hair to live there man.

oh! most definitely.

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obama for you

this is wonderful.

who ever did this, you´re wonderful too.

even the url, it´s wondeurl!: barack obama is your new bicycle.com)

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that´s what a lot of people call electronic music ´round here. cause of the bum bum bum. punchi.

i´m a rock man myself, well actually i listen to so many things i don´t know what i am anymore. i like new things, i´m not afraid of trying anything out. so, now i´m a bit into techno.

i have a friend record designer Seba Feuli, a.k.a Filip. he designs vinyl record centers and they´re very cool. here are a couple. he also organizes parties, and i always promise to go but never keep that promise.

i also stumbled upon, thanks to Filip, beatport. very nice itunish techno music site. this their player .

little press ad

You can think of anything else.

Enjoy living easier.
Choose Previnca´s coverages to look after your family´s health a little more.


something you build as you learn. by experience. i guess it´s not experience but criteria what makes cds, cds. criteria is built on experience, being cooler at thought than young exited idea horny creatives. and as a creative, i guess it´s not just being up to date, experimenting, observation and not being afraid go different and always trying to go with something else what makes you good at what you do. but what you do with that, and that´s criteria. i´m leaving out communication-strategy-consciousness here and also surely off-topic.

some comments i just have to post. this one from scamp.

drums of death

is deadly!

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w.b.p.: albums from hell

not only the covers, the music probably too!

to keep in line with the bizarre world of the bizarre. here´s this. from the dreaded argentinean 70´s and 80´s. movie stars, sports stars, people who now want to be believable before the cameras and of course rip offs. don´t forget to check the infantile albums with the doped up cigarettes smoking entertainer.

rip off!

kid´s albums!

serious sports journalists!

anyone else wanna make an album and BURN IN HELL?
yes, the world is a beautiful place.

nice one. but no.

one of the pics for the Wings campaign. this one didn´t make the selection.

i´m working on four campaigns at the moment. taking care that everything goes smoothly, up to date with the designers and planners and of course thinking up ideas for the brand strategy that my 1/2DC and i came up with. talk about multitasking. i´ll keep you posted. there´s a real estate campaign that i´m sure will blow our minds out if i can make it work. i rejected the brief and changed the media a bit. so now, i´ve been at a couple of construction sites taking care of safety issues and do-ability to see if we can go with something else :). we´ll see.


I´m going to give this one a shot.

Perception. I prefer that brand, that´s my brand, that´s the brand that talks to me, says something about me, knows my world, it´s closer to me. Brand perception.

But it´s not the only way to get there. I like to think of observation as the spark for this strategy. Watch out, it´s not (just) built on “imagery associated with the product or service”, it´s culture and the world (imagery, values, codes) that surrounds certain (target, ugly word this) people. That´s why observation is key, again, for this particular brand building strategy. Example: W+K, Nike. Mother London´s strategies differ sometimes, it´s good to take a look there too.

Branding builds perception, belief. Cognitive dissonance come in play when information conflicts (internal) with what one already believes, in an effort to ignore that information and reinforce one's beliefs.

So, branding and cognitive dissonance (internal conflicts) work together, all the time. Think of branding as a force, like when a “person identifies”, this would be a positive conflict.

To answer your question i would say that branding and cognitive dissonance are inevitably together. Cognitive dissonance is an affect that belongs in lower level, as an effect, of a branding strategy because it conflicts (internally) with beliefs. A branding strategy would try to build or reinforce (force = comms) perception/belief and try to avoid cognitive dissonance, but it certainly is unavoidable. It´s always present, no strategy is perfect and people aren´t robots.

Metaphorically, branding is the playground. And cognitive dissonance are the foot prints that kids leave after using the monkey bars. Because, as you tied together cognitive dissonance and promotional marketing, promotional marketing would be a tool, a tactic and branding would play in another other level as it relies on a strategy.

From a comms point of view it´s hard to rely on reductionist = action-belief / belief-action terms. It reminds me of needle theories, and they are dead. Linear is dead. Most definitions are too.

I gave it a shot. Not sure i hit anything.


comment on advertising for peanuts.

the great bizarre rock comedy by

peter capusotto. an argentinian on line popular comedy monument. now doing "a show about rock". lots of funny ideas about rock culture and history. sorry, but understand whatever you can.

disrupting the space time continuum with an email

this thought/happened.
i sent an email to someone in the agency with ranting about something more personal than professional, the content really doesn´t matter much. i got up and went downstairs to go to the kitchen and found myself standing behind the recipient. she was reading the email i just sent. to get to the kitchen i had to go by her and here´s the thought. i had the feeling that something very much like "disrupting the space time continuum" in time travel (you know when you meet yourself or touch your young or future you and disintegrate) might´ve happened if she looked up at me while she was reading my thoughts on the email.
i know this will never happen, i´m not that much of an idiot, but i had the sensation. :)

i have hair here, but not here

is it right for me?

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could be something

Lia, AD, photographer, hippie, extraordinare, partner, sent me this pic. i said ´could be something´. it´s not a pitch, it´s a gift, she said. she was right. no wonder she named the file ´YOU MADEFAKER´. oh, well.

this is tone

a perfectly tuned site for Ikea.

back to school promo spots

the radio spots are ready. for Cecchini´s back to school promo.

- Sfx: Jungle.
- Mom: Martin! Martin! Martin! Dinner´s ready!
- Announcer: Kids get back to drawing. Because if you purchase a backpack in Cecchini you get a school set gift. Come by Cecchini.

- Sfx: Laboratory.
- Mom: Juan! Juan! Juan! They´re waiting for you downstairs!
- Announcer: Kids get back to drawing. Because if you purchase a backpack in Cecchini you get a school set gift. Come by Cecchini.

twbp: 4´33"

the world is a beautiful place.

DJ Craze!

is craazzzzyyy.

Markus Hansen

and a very cool website.

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the world is a beautiful place: the hawaii chair

Denis Leary was right: "what´s next the chair master? i get up, i sit down, i get up, i sit down. the door master? i open door, i close the door, i open the door, i close the door. wtf!". it also reminds me of his "revolutionary book idea by dr. Denis Leary. shut the fuck up! by dr. Denis Leary. wining fucking magots".
ok, maybe that´s too much. but that´s him. what would he say about this?

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simple and stupid

Travis Louie

vicotorian era photos of the- guy- next- door- kinda- monsters- paintings. horns, hair, teeth, claws of an ordinary country gentleman. this guy is genius.


wtf! attacks. from the dudes of improve everywhere

and this is the last one

today went to Campo Timbó on our search for the perfect spot for the Wings campaign photo session. amazing place. hectares, hectares and hectares of forest. and a river that runs through it.

in another forest

we´re getting close to production day for the Wings campaign and it seems everything is going our way. we´ve been to a new forest, with different types of trees and we loved it. also, the weather forecast predicts a cloudy day and that´s just what we need!

on the way an ancient store that sold Clothes for Ocassions. and it looks like they worked two days a week. wednesdays and saturdays. nice.

flipped over trailer on the way. car accidents, big problem in argentina.

gnome Lia.

ogre Facu.

the world is a beautiful world in a beautiful world in a beautiful world in a...

Sulca Wendy the girl that sings about sucking on mom´s tit and what that´s all about. with an evangelic touch and a high pitched noise that will shatter glass. you could say WTF! but isn´t it awesome?

back to school

my draft. the things you get to do as a copywriter or creative or whatever. i felt like a 4 year old, and it was great! i´m not very happy with the finished work, but it was nice doing it anyways.

buy a backpack, get a school set.