kids are divine

dinner at my mom´s yesterday.

uncles were there. and my cousin who´s visiting. their children were there.
Juan Cruz, Alejo, Valentino. and the wonderful Paulina.

there was a children´s book laying around that my mom wanted to give little Paulina. it was a Heidi coloring book. it wasn´t used, except for one part. and it said:

Hi Heidi, i want to tell you that i swear, swear, swear, i promise, swear, swear, but i swear that i hate you! "bitch"

well, aren´t kids just divine.

i care

togetherness is a powerful thing. see.

that something, again

i have to say this again.
i love when i´m thinking of something for something and that something does it with out me telling it about the something i was thinking.
like this lights-off something on YT.


light-side-of-marcus held the use a BUNCH OF ARSE in a tweet competition.
with 44% of the votes for the chirp above i now have a pink ipod shuffle coming to me, which i will opportunistically give to my girl.

so, thank you marcus for the fun. and everyone else for the votes.

cheers and good night.

god ym


it came from the blue

Creative Commons License

21kw sent.

this is how i´m rolling into this weekend VIII

just taking what i can carry.

this is how i´m rolling into this weekend
this is how i´m rolling into this weekend II
this is how i´m rolling into this weekend III
this is how i´m rolling into this weekend IV
this is how i´m rolling into this weekend V
this is how i´m rolling into this weekend VI
this is how i´m rolling into this weekend VII


Filip. friend. designer.

heavy metal.

tum tapa tum.

the old rain cloud over the head trick

waiting for the bus and it´s starts to rain.

 when i get home, blue sky.

i hate advertising

it´s a paradox. because i love what i do. or i love what i put into it, ´cause i do other stuff. but i took these today when i was walking to work.

i´ve started to notice this kind of thing lately. the beat up outdoor ad. contaminating the streets and the brand itself, by default i guess. thing is, it´s another reason why i like digital so much lately. this doesn´t happen. and i guess i could just say "it´s not my fault", but it is, i´m part of it. it´s so rewarding to put your heart into ideas, but to what end. getting paid, sure, having fun, sure, meeting people, sharing, living from that torch inside you, but for this? no dood. no. there a lot of nice stuff out there, but there´s also a lot of dirt like this.

effectiveness or whatever you wanna call it should take this kind of rubbish into account. what can i do? tell me.

dark side post. while listening to Marcus´ blips.


one the 1000 copies of this will find it´s way across the atlantic, above whales and schools of unfriendly named fish, on to a belt that runs through an airport and jump to the arms of someone maybe named Julio that will drop it on my apartment building´s entrance where the janitor woman will affirmatively be kind enough to leave it below the ugly rug that decorates the entrance to my home. hopefully i will be reading this on the toilet in no time.

thanks Ben and Russell.

gone night swimming

full moon. and Minty´s Change Order mashup track playing in the background.

happy birthday grandpa Bruno. big family love.



and the speculation that comes with what to do with it.

another Jan type post.

no accumulation

see what i did there? i washed my coffee cup right after i finished drinking the coffee that was in it.
accumulation was last year. this is 2009.

next, cleaning up this blog. it´s a link heap.