appointment on wednesday.

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coming together

first, i saw this ->

then this ->

and ->

but, then i played with this ->

now that´s something else. everything came together. and coming together is always good.

pro strength. that´s prescription strength, but you don´t need a prescription to get it. take it from a pretend doctor.
creative comms. strategy. i love this.

hardlinking your head

where should i begin? well, i think we should start at the end. take a look at this.->

what you´ve seen there is called hardlinking or object hyperlinking. a hardlink links the physical world with the internet, for example a referencing .mobi web page to establish a link via a mobile phone just as a hyperlink establishes a connection to information on a web page, but from a physical source.->

it´s the internet extended to objects and locations in the real world.

and it´s done by attaching tags with URLs to tangible objects or locations. These tags can then be read by a wireless mobile device and information about objects and locations retrieved and displayed.

neat eh? yes, because it opens a whole world of ideas. ideas that have to do with interaction. i´m so excited by the things that are happening. also, because i think like this, but i´m liking print a little bit more, because this technology revitalizes the whole category! it brings mobile, digital, interactive closer to the process, it opens up a whole spectrum of comms possibilities and it almost seems limitless.

if you´re in advertising or in the comms industry, remember when you were starting out? how you´d look through magazines and archives and every ad amazed you? the ones from the 50´s, 60´s, 70´s, 80´s, 90´s. and you´d start seeing where ideas were going at that time. you were amazed by the "metaphor" ads, the copy ads, the minimal ads, the art ads, no matter who they were for, you were amazed by the ideas going in to producing meaningful communication.

after a while that all-amazement went away. you were in the NOW. and frankly, the now was a bit dissapointing.

so, now you´re looking to see what else can be done? because it´s our nature. we´re always looking for that spark that drives all this forward, the thing that makes it meaningful, worth doing, that thing that opens the doors for comms. having fun! and creativity.

think that we´re just starting a whole new era. the conversation era, the interactive one. and the pages are still blank, immaculate. there are maybe a few great scribbles on the top left corner but the rest of this "era" book is ready for us to doodle it to hell/for history!

so start getting ready for it. prepare yourself. be on your toes. i´m not saying change the way you think traditionally about comms, the esence is the same, my beloved observation is still relevant. i´m just saying stay connected. share. take opportunities. think. think. think. don´t be boring. risk it. because i´m sure things will work out fine.

now, i´m saying all this from Rosario, Argentina. my opportunities at work like this are slim. i´ll probably be behind all of you "1st world" creatives out there. but, hey that´s not bringing me down. i have a place to go, i know where i wanna be, i know i can do it. by always trying to go with something else.

enough with that rant. start believing. check this out. ->

it´s from here. read it on Ian´s blog.

more hardlinking for you, what you see above is a patch with a QR code. basically, it´s two-dimensional bar code. "QR" means "Quick Response", as the creator intended the code to allow its contents to be decoded at high speed.

this is the QR code for my blog. ->

i got it at the Nokia mobile code generator. :)

think about it, you creative, you.


you haven´t sinned Andrea. if you have, i´ll sin with you.
because dude, observation is a wonderful storyteller.

two Ikea sites

this one from last year. tone, right on.

and this one from this year. uniqlok? a little, but still great.

The Nokia Green Room

great work guys. cheers!

been busy at work and so´s my eye of Kilrogg

not in the best mood really. i´ve been lied to for too long. but i got to keep going, always with somewhere to go, do, always trying to go with something else. tell you more about that later. for now, here are coupl´a things from my delicious del.icio.us eye of Kilrogg.

- new from the Chemical Brothers, is Michel Gondry behind this? ->

- artwork by William B. Hand on his blog Genetic Blasphemy ->
- this on Smashing Magazine, Pop Art is Alive which showcases the works of Richard Hamilton, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenberg, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Jasper Johns, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Peter Blake, Peter Phillips, Tom Wesselmann, Wayne Thiebaud, David Hockney, Robert Indiana, AND Kevin Cherry, Mario Luis, Mark Malazarte, David Habben, Luis Toledo, Travis Stearns, Rodolfo Biglie, Sung-Ho Bae, Coke Doggy, Dave Kinsey, Unknown artist 1, Eduardo Recife, Unknown artist 2, Mario Wagner, Richard Mia, Brad Yeo, Unknown artist 3, Unknown artist 4, Fabienne Chemin, Collage Love Blog, Sara Fanelli, decor8, Mari Coan, Marie C. Cudraz, Sean Ryan Cooley, Juan Carlos Federico, Thiago Santana, Mary Bogdan, Futuro Woman, Sleep Tight, Some Day A Real Rain Will Come…. ->

- Justin.tv. that´s all live web crazyness and i love it! called lifecast. so many ideas came to mind when i saw this. ->

- http://www.dayswithmyfather.com/. beautiful.

- and this guy dropping some beats with his iphone. awesome.



Fede just sent me this. twisted amazing work.

the dead terrorist

my friend Fer sent me this. 4 mill views, ok, in a year but still. what does it say about humor? apart that it´s societies conscious stomach.

bla bla, just have a laugh.

Speed Stacks

i found out about this via mr. barrington´s twitt. it´s called Speed Stacks.

seems to be one of those viral-addictive-hip-but-geeky games/toys you get hooked on in primary or middle school. i can already imagine my kid brother playing this. it looks fucking great! very olympic, you know fractions of a second counting and all.

one question, how´d they get that last stack down so fast?!

and second, they´re just cups! used in a different way. kids shouting, clapping and laughing when they finish they´re speed stack. built tension that explodes in the end.
welcome an explosion of culture. communication. trends. ideas. marketing. business as usual.

does anyone see an analogy to thinking uses of media? traditional, digital, doesn´t matter what media is. let´s say they´re cups. isn´t the challenge doing something amazing with them?

muppet wiki

i was looking for Flat Eric and i found the Muppet Wiki. Also found R.E.M. and REM in there. great stuff.


Lia sent me this flickr set. eeeeeeehhht rocks!

been quiet, been busy.


by the rut. found by bunny girl. :)

got to go!



my drive thru

for converse. these guys are doing things right.

got to go! going to see wall-e with my littlest bro (11).

ideas by David Lynch



the importance of stems

we´re used to having everything done for us. picking, washing, cutting, trimming, mixing, heating, cooling, pressure cooking, fermentating. this way you get used to having things "ready". nothing to do but eat.
i was doing that on friday night, eating olives. and one of them had it´s stem still on. i must admit it was the first time i´d seen the stem still hanging on to one. it surprised me. and it also said, hey, i´m real, i was on a tree. olives usually aren´t fresh, they´re always soaked in a vinegary juice for conservation. but that´s what a stem said to me, i´m something fresh.
we all know how important the perception of freshness is, it´s key in the kitchen, it´s every TV cooking guy´s word of the month.
so from now on i will treasure stems more than i used to. any fruit, vegy, juice or person with stems is something fresh to me.

saturday´s dance

i went to a a beneficial spinning class my girl invited me to that evening. first time. 2 hours. go go go! i thought my legs were not going to survive. they did. i danced.
here´s guile&ioio´s space.

and mr.oizo´s, why not.

0 budget tv

Marcelo Fernandez is on With Common Sense.
The same, always.
from 7 to 10 AM on FisheronCNN 89.5.

kid´s day

2nd sunday of august is kid´s day.

a boy says "i, carry a pick". the presenter says kid´s are what they carry and goes on to explain all the stuff that you can buy for the kids at Cecchini like schoolbags. Cecchini. you´re what you carry.

a girl says "i carry, scores".

kid´s day. you´re what you carry.

i like the radio, not much the prints or the overall concept.

something good in every party

something good in technology.

experimental CSR campaign video for Kretz.


my new can´t stop listening. love when this happens. go autolux!

be kanye

just saw this post on Heron´s blog. pics on a ¿NY? subway.

did a double take on the guy sleeping.
but to the point, i looked around and found this.
turns out Kanye West (who also has a cool blog) has teamed up with Absolut Vodka (who is sponsoring him) and are doing are a 1980´s spoof campaign. check vid below.

Kanye radiates coolness.

packaged dicks, tits, ass and more dicks


my ex art partner Lia is doing this. she also sells them. they´re great. you can stick´em on your computer monitor, your fridge or you can spend hours playing with purple, yellow or green dicks, ass, tits, whatever suits you.

pegame = hit/stick

sorry for the horrible pics.

sex in little packages

social media

in case you were wondering.


Peter Pan complex rant and Neil´s post

i´m a three year working on a creative focused agency creative (web out of date). i graduated from uni with a social communication diploma(5 years) writing a thesis on observation and it´s importance in strategic creativity. when i started working, after the trainee experience where i got to learn how to stand on my own, trust my ideas, keep my eyes and ears open, i got obsessed with observation and how cultural perspectives were fundamental to be able to write ads. after that, i wanted to change everything in the agency. partially i think because of my last course at uni, Integration and Production.

my favorite course, it marked me. i started blogging, making little videos, thinking how tech was at my fingertips, how we could all get in touch and share, how ideas could fly, get "memered".

i did some good ads, i won an award for a viral and a vid for site. i went to portfolio night to see how i was doing, and the DCs said my stuff was good, the traditional stuff, the ambient, the get in your face for real stuff, they said that i was thinking different, i told them i thought it was because i was disillusioned by traditional media, they said to respect it because it was the backbone of strategy and they are right.

but it still lacks legs, too static. i love music (i´m a musician), art, print, tv, radio most of all because i get to do it often and it´s a pure imagination spark, but i´m not satisfied.

i´m trying to find the answers to the questions. i for one don´t want to get old. i´m 27, but life at least now is flying past me. i kinda have a Peter Pan complex with work and thinking and my career and what i want to do in this industry.

i want to grow always, in my head, but never grow old. no prob phisically, never mentally, because that´s where you die. the only place you grow old is in your head.

that´s why i´m going back to uni. i´m starting a post grad program. a Specialization on Interactive Digital Communication. i´m so psyched about it. it´s a year and i´m going to suck it all in and do a bomb of a job for the final. see if i can find the answers to do what i know i want to do. kill the static.

apart from the Peter Pan thing, i am more at ease now. i know what i want. i think i´m getting the job done right. always trying to go with something else. (i do work in a secondary market, away from Buenos Aires, so idea pushing gets tough). but little by little some things happen.

think. integrate. want the best of all worlds.

i don´t want my mind attached to anything. i want to offer solutions that are the solutions, not the whats we do "normally". but what the brand demands, even if we have to change the way we do or think. i don´t want to impress anyone, i don´t care about awards, i just want solve problems creatively.

and it´s not just coming up with a concept or a strap line. it´s rethinking media, the use of media, how people are, think, what they do, how they do it, what they want, what they´ll think, share, discuss and being available to them. we all live in the same place. you Mr. Brand have an email, who ever answers that mail has a name, maybe drives a car, maybe you even go to the same market as me. let´s talk.

it´s thinking that brands are a field to explore. like two dimensions coming together. brand/culture. not consumers, culture! how do we link that?

INTEGRATION. it´s a start. but how does this work? well, slowly, i´m finding the answers. here´s one that starts with a question/post i found on Neil Perkin´s blog (edited by me):

Are we generous?

Dave Winer said "The way to make money on the internet is to send them away". Why? Because "people come back to places that send them away." His point is that the web is counter-intuitive. The more links you share, the more you send people away, the more they come back. The more open you are, the more useful you can be, the more they come back.

This speaks of a greater truth. An insight applicable to all brands, not just media brands.

Generosity is not only a viable business model, it's the only game in town. The more generous you are, the more interesting you are (with everything you do), the more they come back.

The web is people connected and all media is becoming social.

Brands are immersed in what Mark calls a "behavioural soup" where, to quote David, "small, very human, interactions make all the difference."

Media becomes a mass of social interaction governed by social principles. Principles like you get back what you give. As Paul says:

"The more good things you do for people, the more of your thinking and ideas that you share, and the more you help people out, the more good things will come back to you"

Generosity is no longer a luxury in brand strategy. I'm not talking about CSR. I'm not talking about good customer service. And it's about more than just being useful. Being useful is one thing. Being generous is something else entirely. Generous thinking has to run through the organisation. Benevolence has a new power in business. It can power company morale, make your company attractive to work for, provide talkability, help people feel affinity for your business. But best of all it can provide direction and a framework for your decision making - your instinct is always to do whatever is best for your customers.

Being generous is about exceeding expectations. At every touchpoint. Making people happy. And happiness is not a bad thing to base your business on. It's the kind of thing where you end up saying "they didn't have to do that". The kind of thing we intuitively know every brand should be doing yet so rarely happens. And ironically, as we move into leaner times, there has never been a better time to be generous. It doesn't have to be expensive - Amazon's customer reviews add lots of value but cost very little. It doesn't have to be difficult - like the credit card company calling you up before they levy a late payment charge like mine did the other day. It has its own rewards - happy people talk about what makes them happy. Sounds obvious? Why aren't more companies doing it?

right on!

i´ve been thinking like this for sometime now. i put up a creative project proposal on digicynic with this type of thinking. i´m also working on a campaign for a tech company and the proposal we presented works along these lines, CSE (corporate social responsability), my frase for this: if you want to say social responsability, let´s start with social, you´re already responsible, all we need is to think the use of media). it´s a lot more integrated and thought out than the Coke Zero thing but as soon as i have the green light i´d love to share.

are we going back to hippie as Neil said? is this people coming together digitally changing world culture? so many questions. each to his own. take what you can from it. just don´t forget to share.

i have to get back to the use of media idea sometime.

sorry for the rant.

ok, bye!

double viral

Rubbish says this new Nike viral:

is just like this old DC viral:

he´s right.

what happened there?

BMW´s kinetic sculpture


flat for flat

late and never seen by me.


192 years ago

Argentina became an independent nation. today is 9th of july.

CDR >|< 08

so, as i´ve said before, a promise comes true. here are the pics of Contemporary Design Rosario 2008 at the Castagnino Museum.
i arrived late so i missed the kick-off show; 8 artists in an aereal thaetrical circus dance, damn!
anyways this is what i saw/enjoyed.

this is from Intangible Bodies, Hierarchies of Intimacy (the separation) by Luis González and Graciela de Oliveira. this was from another salon, but i liked it also.

this is my uncle´s industrial design project. Ductil. basically, they are troquelated sheets of maleable plastic with forms and simple instructions to easily make office wares like pencil holders, trays, bins and more instructions to make other stuff with the plastic that´s left over, like book markers and smaller pencil holders or small trays.


and more dolls. sitting on interesting lounge chairs. hey yams!

from 2D to 3D functional stuff with the tug of a zipper.

no fall dice plastic square thing.

and see through lamp apparatus things. with a video presentation.
learn more about Laura Cogo here. she has pictures of the event too and they´re a lot better than mine.
over all, i drank wine, had a good time, met people and left feeling like things were goings ons. and that´s always good. makes you feel, not alone.


all the internet brands or brands that are on the internet or brands you can access through the internet in one place. the favorites at least, the most visited, the most famous, sorted by categories.
are they your faves? i don´t know that´s why you can make your own fave page.
interesting seeing all the brand logos bunched up, categorized. i don´t know about the why search bit. i mean you do have the favorites folder on the browser (i don´t use it). what i like about this is customization, categorization, the 2.0 bit.


no water


inbox victory!

blame F.A.T.