Heron´s observations of Argentina

-the cars are all pretty old. you’re not gonna see nothin nice or new here.nope, no benz’s, no range rovers, no bmw’s, no bentleys, no audi’s, no aston martins.
-when someone saw my blackberry, she described it to look like a “bed with buttons”, because everyone here just use very “primitive” phones. as basic as you can get.used only for calls and texts.
-i didn’t know empanadas were a national dish. they are sold everywhere. my favorite is carne picante.
-pesos are a third of the dollar, right now. $200 pesos is $60 - it’s cheap here.
-services here operate just like nyc! And in some aspects are just plain better. you can order delivery beer at 4am, and there isn’t a minimum!
-everyone drives pretty crazy. there are lanes marked on the street, but drivers make up their own lanes.
-there are ton’s of taxi’s everywhere.
-the spanish is not identical to european spanish or mexican spanish. and some words are pronounced differently.
-the city is pretty big, and each barrio (neighborhood) has it’s own flavor. some parts you will think you’re in a third world, where other parts you’ll feel like you’re stepping into a house on the champs elysees.
-there are tons and tons of pregnant women
-don’t come here if you’re a vegetarian, because this country is built on beef!
-the girls are FUCKING HOT. 

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with friends.

seen on a bus

bv Lau.


out with the family, another summertime activity. here, with mati.

ah, 2009

i´m trying to write something about this incoming you´re on the opposite side of a Rambo explosive arrow new year that everyone is dreading. i hear you´re gonna take us down. i say well, bring on the trumpets!


good morning, i´m going to bed. ha!


a cardgame, one of my summertime activities.

wildlife at the pool

 cicada exoskeleton.
brother Mati.


´m alone. i woke up late. did some work. everything is quite. i´m on vacation now, but i´m not going anywhere.

it´s a cloudy day.

99 Francs

i watched this movie yesterday. recomended by my dad, who´s visiting by the way. here goes my critic bit. i liked the little direction ideas in some parts, different ways to tell the story and that sort of thing; and Vahina (that´s her name, what a beauty). the rest, i don´t buy the creative rock star corporate ad biz life crap, that shit doesn´t exist or i hope that it doesn´t. teams aren´t gods. they get paid to do their job. and i really don´t believe that there are teams that think they are. i mean, isn´t humility and hope the fuel that drives you forward? if you think you´re on top of the world, that you´re the best, that in an elevator only fit you and your ego, you have nothing more to do my friend. just quit, you´re done. for making me ponder this, i liked it. and specially the directors gimmicks, but not the ad creative rockstar bullshit.


camera is here. :)

pics soon

thinking how to start this out.

i got a phone call yesterday. that i should go buy the Radiohead ticket. for march. 110usd. i´m waiting.

got to pick up my dad at the airport at noon. he´s staying with me for like a month. good times, i hope.

some blips

flow, flow, flow.

Ben´s looking for people

here. have a go, you never know. at the least, you´ll get some unexpected visitors. below, my seeking entry and things i tried, failed or played around with. if you want to see ads, ideas, drafts and all that, look here.


this is how i´m rolling into this weekend VII


and best blog of the land, including atmosphere and coral reefs.

this is how i´m rolling into this weekend
this is how i´m rolling into this weekend II
this is how i´m rolling into this weekend III
this is how i´m rolling into this weekend IV
this is how i´m rolling into this weekend V
this is how i´m rolling into this weekend VI

the Ben effect

learn this stuff and then you can say you got the stuff

and if you have that mustache, then you really, really got the muff, err the stuff.
watch the masters.


brain food

meet new people, somewhere else is around the corner. invent a recipe, like port salut cheese balls with olives in them. listen to music and play drums on whatever. make a video, try mixing shit up. talk to someone with your writing. interpret history and always try to be there.

new camera

in a week. so we can liven up this blog some.

now, just working. grinding.

this is how i´m rolling into this weekend VI

via Neil´s twitt.

this is how i´m rolling into this weekend
this is how i´m rolling into this weekend II
this is how i´m rolling into this weekend III
this is how i´m rolling into this weekend IV
this is how i´m rolling into this weekend V


in a roll.

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