hardlinking your head

where should i begin? well, i think we should start at the end. take a look at this.->

what you´ve seen there is called hardlinking or object hyperlinking. a hardlink links the physical world with the internet, for example a referencing .mobi web page to establish a link via a mobile phone just as a hyperlink establishes a connection to information on a web page, but from a physical source.->

it´s the internet extended to objects and locations in the real world.

and it´s done by attaching tags with URLs to tangible objects or locations. These tags can then be read by a wireless mobile device and information about objects and locations retrieved and displayed.

neat eh? yes, because it opens a whole world of ideas. ideas that have to do with interaction. i´m so excited by the things that are happening. also, because i think like this, but i´m liking print a little bit more, because this technology revitalizes the whole category! it brings mobile, digital, interactive closer to the process, it opens up a whole spectrum of comms possibilities and it almost seems limitless.

if you´re in advertising or in the comms industry, remember when you were starting out? how you´d look through magazines and archives and every ad amazed you? the ones from the 50´s, 60´s, 70´s, 80´s, 90´s. and you´d start seeing where ideas were going at that time. you were amazed by the "metaphor" ads, the copy ads, the minimal ads, the art ads, no matter who they were for, you were amazed by the ideas going in to producing meaningful communication.

after a while that all-amazement went away. you were in the NOW. and frankly, the now was a bit dissapointing.

so, now you´re looking to see what else can be done? because it´s our nature. we´re always looking for that spark that drives all this forward, the thing that makes it meaningful, worth doing, that thing that opens the doors for comms. having fun! and creativity.

think that we´re just starting a whole new era. the conversation era, the interactive one. and the pages are still blank, immaculate. there are maybe a few great scribbles on the top left corner but the rest of this "era" book is ready for us to doodle it to hell/for history!

so start getting ready for it. prepare yourself. be on your toes. i´m not saying change the way you think traditionally about comms, the esence is the same, my beloved observation is still relevant. i´m just saying stay connected. share. take opportunities. think. think. think. don´t be boring. risk it. because i´m sure things will work out fine.

now, i´m saying all this from Rosario, Argentina. my opportunities at work like this are slim. i´ll probably be behind all of you "1st world" creatives out there. but, hey that´s not bringing me down. i have a place to go, i know where i wanna be, i know i can do it. by always trying to go with something else.

enough with that rant. start believing. check this out. ->

it´s from here. read it on Ian´s blog.

more hardlinking for you, what you see above is a patch with a QR code. basically, it´s two-dimensional bar code. "QR" means "Quick Response", as the creator intended the code to allow its contents to be decoded at high speed.

this is the QR code for my blog. ->

i got it at the Nokia mobile code generator. :)

think about it, you creative, you.

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