observation all over again

i believe observation is one of the pilars of what i do. i did my thesis about it: observation for creative writing. i was surprised at the implications that something so obvious had on everything that mattered to me professionally in communication.

observation in brand building, observation for stereotype killin´, observation for originality, observation to pave the way. in the end, observation for ideas.

observation is an attitude. that´s why taking up a writing workshop with other people or an art seminar from a guy who´s been places or rocking in a band or writing about music, blogging, and sharing what you see in general to get feedback on points of view, basically, staying in touch with reality and people will always be fun, but also, useful to keep your feet on the ground and close to the people you´re going to be talking to in the end.

anyways i found this here. Jan Chipchase is awesome. this guy is a real observer. read his blog. also, see how technology can help us observe, share and work, as a comms guy or whatever. this presentation is about design, product development and it´s interesting because the spark is what? yes, the attitude of observation.

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Niko H (nomme du guerre) said...

would love to read your thesis sometime, if that is possible.

drop me a line to see if we can't make it happen.

great blog, great blog name ;)

facu said...

sure, no prob. it´s in spanish though