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so, as i´ve said before, a promise comes true. here are the pics of Contemporary Design Rosario 2008 at the Castagnino Museum.
i arrived late so i missed the kick-off show; 8 artists in an aereal thaetrical circus dance, damn!
anyways this is what i saw/enjoyed.

this is from Intangible Bodies, Hierarchies of Intimacy (the separation) by Luis González and Graciela de Oliveira. this was from another salon, but i liked it also.

this is my uncle´s industrial design project. Ductil. basically, they are troquelated sheets of maleable plastic with forms and simple instructions to easily make office wares like pencil holders, trays, bins and more instructions to make other stuff with the plastic that´s left over, like book markers and smaller pencil holders or small trays.


and more dolls. sitting on interesting lounge chairs. hey yams!

from 2D to 3D functional stuff with the tug of a zipper.

no fall dice plastic square thing.

and see through lamp apparatus things. with a video presentation.
learn more about Laura Cogo here. she has pictures of the event too and they´re a lot better than mine.
over all, i drank wine, had a good time, met people and left feeling like things were goings ons. and that´s always good. makes you feel, not alone.

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Laura Cogo said...

nice post. and thanks for mentioning my work!

there's more about my work in my web site: