Speed Stacks

i found out about this via mr. barrington´s twitt. it´s called Speed Stacks.

seems to be one of those viral-addictive-hip-but-geeky games/toys you get hooked on in primary or middle school. i can already imagine my kid brother playing this. it looks fucking great! very olympic, you know fractions of a second counting and all.

one question, how´d they get that last stack down so fast?!

and second, they´re just cups! used in a different way. kids shouting, clapping and laughing when they finish they´re speed stack. built tension that explodes in the end.
welcome an explosion of culture. communication. trends. ideas. marketing. business as usual.

does anyone see an analogy to thinking uses of media? traditional, digital, doesn´t matter what media is. let´s say they´re cups. isn´t the challenge doing something amazing with them?

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Boris said...


its not new anymore but exists for several years. The last World Championships got 1200 people taking part. And it is not just a kids thing: The youngest competitor was 3, the oldest ones over 70!!

There are 5 age division for adults.

To see far more videos, actual world records and discuss with others about stacking:



facu said...

yeah read some of that in wikipedia, but it´s still new to me!

thanks for the info. i think stacking is great!