we can do more

if we´re not critical with our work on media and channel levels, not only concepts we´re never going to detect when a comms plan is not adequate for the brand we´re working for.
are we just going to do as we´re told or are we going to aspire more, see what else we can do? is this wrong?
i guess it depends on you. what if you discover that an idea you´re working for print can thrive as a banner campaign in web pages with the same audience as the magazine you were working the print idea for? it depends on what the objectives are of course, but i mean, we can´t just sit there and be robots just trying to get the “award winning” ad out there.
i like to think we´re not supposed to be traditional creatives or a digital creatives, we´re just creatives. best thing that could happen is to work with a planner who is equally creative with other tools.
the thinking is strategic for brands but there´s always something new to discover, otherwise it´d all be too boring. give life through ideas. give life to brands. give life in media. we can always do a little more than is required of us. we can propose more.
this sort of thing makes our sort of thing a lot more exciting. my hand is up. bring it on.

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