about finding inspiration

a found this post on digicynic and couldn´t avoid commenting:

"i did a thesis “observation in advertising. a perspective on creative writing in communication”. i was very interested in the old-school get out there meet people, listen to people talk in bars, how they talk, what they talk about, what they do in supermarkets, what fruits do they squeeze, that kind of stuff. i was very excited when i started working. i work in a creative focused agency and we always said, i guess i was taught, start with the people to talk to the people, get creative in story telling, it´s their story. where you look i guess is defined by the brief. i´ll get to the point, a bit of that died in me as i started finding so many things on the net, but i still think it´s a great exercise and it should never be lost. i had the opportunity of interviewing a couple of trainees (i hate that word) and i enjoyed hours of talks about this being the first step, then ideas, then strategy. i don´t know where inspiration comes in all of this, i don´t bealive too much in the ingenius part of creative, i think it´s all about story telling, observation, ideas and tying it all on strategy. big juggling game".

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