Astonishing X-Men #25 begins with Twitter

from Hisako Ichiki, expressing unhappiness with her superhero name, "Armor.".
my pre adolescent years were all X-Men. anything i drew was X-Men related!
the amazing thing is, how comics are always up to date. some times they follow a story, with a time-line and other times they just make everything up all over again.
i have a DC comic where Batman turns into a vampire! and it´s ok!. the convention between comics and comic readers is that anything is possible and possibly acceptable. what really matters is that it tells a great story with great art, visuals, not the reality of a time-line or it´s structure. stories can start and end where ever these guys want.
here´s one that starts with a twitt; adaptation is amazing stuff.

twitter is, click here.

found via a twitt!

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