head exhaust link story

i´m doing a link haze like copyranter does it. it´s a short haze, but still hazy. - start with this below->

messy, but there are a lot of interesting things in there to think about, so take a look. this guy did it. - continue with this, New Blood Brief. have a comms problem to solve creatively? call the brief busters. they have balls, they have the want, they´ll never loose the want or their balls. - and this, Web Form Design Patterns, phew! geeky. yes, i like geeky, not pedant, but too specific yes, breaks your balls a little, but geeky is always good. - seen Weird Science? -> i tried that with TNMNT when i a was a runt. pff! - no me love you long time in those days! one of the best scenes and sales pitches ever?

via, via and via. the rest is mine.

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