yesterday was 1st of may and tomorrow will be 3rd of may

and that´s laborer day in argentina. one day off and lots happened.

i stayed a bit later at the office to participate in a webinar. i was interested in what a webinar actually was. since i´m going to portfolio night i got invited:

BLACK BAG talent attraction + acquisition, Portfolio Night 6 Global Partner and first ihaveanidea sponsor, invites all PN6 attendees to participate in a special edition of Camp BLACK BAG: The Boot Camp For Your Career. This globe-spanning online webinar will be hosted by Heidi Ehlers, Founder of BLACK BAG and facilitator of the popular Diary of a Creative Director series – a huge hit in Cannes last year where Heidi invited Tony Granger, Marcello Serpa and Erik Vervroegen to the stage to reconstruct the progression of their careers.

Camp BLACK BAG's special Portfolio Night 6 Webinar w
ill be broadcast live on Wednesday, April 30th, 2008, from 6PM–7PM, UTC -4. Refer to the chart below for corresponding times in your city.

i "attended" with no sound, i had to dial something up, i didn´t quite get it. and the webinar was a bit self-help, you know, "set your goal, where do ya´wanna work in 5 years?, if you want to be CD of CP+B get a plan going" and all that kinda of stuff, i´m avoiding saying shitty. i think it makes you wonder what happiness is. and why there are webinars with subjects like "getting to the top" instead of "making yourself laugh with yellow three dimensional rice cakes". sure, i´m always thinking of what i want to do with my life and how to get there and if i should go to sydney where my dad lives and work there or go to europe or keep growing here where i´m actually doing pretty well, but, yes but, the days go by. do great work today. enjoy today. plan for tomorrow, but be healthy, not seminar-attending-obsessed. at least not in this career. having fun is probably the best thing we can do. it´s one frustration after the other sometimes. you´ll probably fucking die from a stroke crossing the street to buy cigarrettes if you add "planning ahead to be CD of CP+B by 2018".

after the webinar i went to one of my little cousin´s (Lucia) birthday. my uncle and auntie were there and i went to help them out with burgers and beer drinking before the horde of 14 year old mobile talking, brit-dancing, hamburger-devouring girls dropped in.

my uncle is one of my best friends. he´s a motorcycle riding 40 year excited motherfucker. he owns an office design-furniture company and is actually working on another project that blew my mind when he showed me that night at his computer. i can´t say much about it but i will when he gives me permission. it´s quite beautiful stuff, related to office shit obviously.

i have a vid, not with me now of my auntie scaring the fuck out of the girls when they were watching a horror film at the end of the b-day. i´ll get that later.

i left greeting as i went to the door. and went rushing to a poker game. drank a lot of beer. won quite a bit of money and went to bed. beat.

that morning my grandma (from my dad´s side) which was suffering a terrible and debilitating disease died. so we went with my bro and my girl to the funeral.

my grandpa told us stories of when he was a salesman for an iron making company. While working, Diego, one of my cousins told us he had to call up the place where my grandpa used to work and he said that everyone remembered him. he was one of the founders of a sales branch for the company. the guys there said that they still have "mottos" or phrases that my grandpa, an honest hardworking man used to say, and they still remain, unwritten, but engraved in the soul of the place. amazing stuff.

that night my mom threw a "get together" for the whole family (from her side) because i was the first Galli to ever finish uni. so, we ate, celebrated. my mom and my little brother made a huge cloth banner and wrote congrats facu or something like that with paper and it looked crappy yet so tacky and wonderful hung above the table.

went to bed. slept. woke up thinking of work. went to sleep again. and here i am.

on saturday i´m going here:

Digital Camp.

this, this, this and this will be happing there. also, a guy writing words via walking with a GPS and shit like that. cool stuff.

and then to a huge 70´, 80´s and 90´s private party. where i will bondishly enter through the kitchen since i don´t have tickets but a friend and my girl will be working there. maybe i´ll also get free drinks. cheers to all!

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