Cannes viral

we make this, viral.

why the commercial format?

do people that work in this industry bust their heads at work everyday? probably sí.

i´m just saying it didn´t touch me. it didn´t make me hope. could´ve been a bit dirtier.

welcome to Juan Perez´s 2x2
box 12hs day after day struggle with a pinch of denial, frustration, all ego destroyer life of a winner of a Cannes Lion.
Juan Perez can also inspire you to stop bitching about how difficult this job can be because it´s also rewarding, ergo Cannes Lion. cue the possibilities.
then again, i´m not a Cannes candidate, but i like to think the majority of us are Juan Perez. and that it´s all just blood pumping through our veins, that goes to the brain and makes some of us think golden feline stuff.

found: 360 digest

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