proud of my uni

an ex professor of mine sent me this email. it made me proud. because i finished university and never paid a dime. and i know that everything that happens there takes tremendous effort from people who truly love the university and what they do.

it said something like this:

The National University of Rosario presents it´s new Digital Interactive Communication Plan.

The plan´s main objective is the search of horizontality in communication.

From this perspective the Department Of Multi Medial Communication researched and analyzed diverse alternative systems with the characteristics that would allow the development of a this project with an open, dynamic, horizontal, non hierarchic, rapid grasping and high accessibility conception. A model centered on the user and the content, not programing or visual design, without intermediaries and of great visibility for search engines.

The new University of Rosario portal is conformed by a net of independent but articulated spaces. Digiblog, the university´s journalist space for articles and interviews about education, culture, science and technology; Infoblog, dedicated to institutional communication with general university information; Uniblog, news, events of the faculties and university schools; VLOGTV, web news of weekly edition; Radioblog, podcasts of news about the university; Fotoblog, multi medial photographic gallery, Blografías (life stories), 16 biographical documentaries told in first person in 9 minutes that try to, with interviews, get to know the social through the individual sustained on the personal experience, that will be broadcasted on the web and an educational or cultural cable tv channel.
This adds to the virtual stage of each department, direction or program that from a decentralized, collaborative and distributed perspective, will upload their content directly without any type of intermediation, with the responsibility of each sector and area of the university government.
These contents were generated by both the area multi medial design and production and the area of audiovisual production of the DCM, Direction of Press and the responsible of institutional communication of each faculty, as the information produced of each department, will be sent weekly to communications media and education institutions by the digital bulletin NUR Newsletter.
On University Radio (i used to be a producer there hehe), from a cross-media perspective, Radioblog, NUR audionews and Digiblog will be broadcasted.

These media complement with Blog de Notas, a monthly newspaper, where you can find a selection of Digiblog and Infoblog produced material.

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