coupl´a things i found on a sunday

- a post from portfolio night. it´s from a guy i met there, Víctor Loza. he´d come all the way from mexico to break in the buenos aires ad biz. i found his blog. on this post he says at the end, "no doubt that everyone´s portfolio was varied and wanting to get to a higher level, but one portfolio stood out for it´s freshness and surprising writing. click here to see it. the prints inside were analized in three turns by the most important creatives in argentina".

he was talking about my portfolio! now that´s an honor, DCs are cool, but this is cooler. and also, talking to the students that organized the night. they also checked out my book and we had a laugh. emails exchanged also. i´m really surprised at everything that happened there and the good that it did.

- i´m already loving difficult is worth doing. apart from that it´s damn right, i love the strategic thinking of it.

- this brand tags thing is very interesting. Noah is trying to tag people´s perception, hence clouds. great project. it´s brands for now, but could also be celebrities, politicians, whatever lives in people´s heads. wait, in the end they´re all brands! go, paul newman. found on talent imitates.

- shadow outlines with chalk. beauty of an idea. found on noisy decent graphics.

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noah brier said...

thanks for the shout out for brand tags. glad you dig it.

facu said...

no prob noah. i think it´s a great project. and that it´s always good to find someone doing something new with all this "nonsense".