my paul newman weekend

friday night: did nothing. watched the sting. robert redford, glorious. and paul fucking newman.

saturday - afternoon: played futbol. tied 0-0. failed chance to score at the end. shit.

- evening: shower. went with my uncle to see the popular 80´s dj prepping for that night. one of them, Albano, is an old friend of my uncle´s.
after that we went to Digital Camp. here are the pics. other pics are in another camera and i don´t have it with me.

Digital Camp was pretty cool. it surprised me that there were a lot of people with their kids. in fact there were a lot of things for the little guys. I saw this "create your own blog" stand, a computer picnic area, online games, artists painting walls, live blue screen animation, a conference area and lots of other things. when i got there there was a show on, a dj and a vj doing like an electronic circus with guys flying with harnesses in front of screens and lasers and shit. it looked and sounded pretty cool.

- night: then we went with my aunt, uncle and some friends of theirs to the Magical 70´s 80´s and 90´s Party. holy shit. the food was great. my girl was working there so i got a couple of free drinks. but, i´m telling you, the average dance floor people age was 60. haha! and what the fuck was i doing there? i don´t know but it was wonderful. i drank a little too much, i think it was to overcome the impetuous naphthalene reek. more pics on that soon.

sunday: nothing. watched Cool Hand Luke. go Paul Newman! last night i danced with your fans.

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