portfolio night trip

took route 9 to buenos aires.
stayed at a cheap hostel (window was broken so i froze to death that night).
cue. entrance. beer. wait. beer.
start! hello. more yeses than nos. thank you. some email exchange.
bar with friends. got lost.
reached hostel. slept. froze.
came back with a big fat smile.

in order of hugs:
Ignacio Oreamuno, IHAVEANIDEA´s president.
Rodrigo Grau, DC, BBDO Argentina, i think.
Damian Kepel, DC, Kepel y Mata.
Jonathan Gurvit, DC, Ogilvy, i think.
Papón Ricciarelli, DC, McCann Erickson.

all capos.
thankful for your time and advice.

oh, my book is here.

3 blah blah blahs:

Ignacio said...

Thank's for the hug!


Wal said...

looks like great fun :)

facu said...

no prob. and yes it was!