blaspheme if not pronounced management!

thanks to beedub, i discovered MGMT ( pronounced management, as everyone reminds you all the time).
they´re an electro-rock band. to me they sound like modern-psychedelic-beegees, but they´re great. i also like they´re art, the video and the pages.
i said, holy mgmt! who are they? (this page is holy cooly too!) and the video, yes, too! holy roley foley mgmt!

2 blah blah blahs:

Anonymous said...

Well, it's not pronounced management. It's pronounced M-G-M-T. See for yourself from the band's own vidblogs:
There are three of these on Youtube. Funny stuff.

f.m. said...

haha. true. then it´s formerly known as management. they´ve been rebaptised. it´s M.G.M.T. thanks for that.