last one out

of the agency, again.

i deserve some beer.

reminds me of the comment i left on the great drinks debate at the ad-pit today:

"i was at a friend´s house the other day. we were drinking, yes, regular beer, stellas i think.
one of the guys had brought this ale.

no one drinks ale here. all lager. cat piss lager (as Mr. Mortimer would put it). but this Otro Mundo stuff is export quality and was really great.

the guy told us that in the south there´s more of a beer culture and they make all kinds of good shit.

i remember the first time i went to Australia i was amazed at the amount of beer they guys there drank. it´s that english culture i guess. here (Argentina), we drink a lot of wine (red, malbec mostly) or fernet (italian digestive drink mixed with coke, great stuff) and yes, some great cat piss lager.

shit, i´m going for a beer after work!


and that´s what i´m going to do now, so byebye.

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