fabulous weekend

my dad came to visit. he lives in australia but since he had to pass by buenos aires on his trip from germany he came by to stay for the weekend.
first night we watched football. the men in the house. my two bros, my dad and me. Rosario Central vs Olimpo. R.C. won 3-1 woo hoo! after the game we went with my dad and little bro to eat pizza at Via Apia.
saturday we went to have lunch at the club and my bro and i played football with Escarpa while my dad and my little bro, alejo (11), watched. we lost 0-3. my bro played defense, i played forward. we didn´t have luck i guess. we started with ten, in the second half, we were eleven and we played better. bit disorganized that first game of the season was (everyone has a Yoda inside). afterwards we went to watch rugby at the 4 hectares. it was Rosario against Salta. a friend of my dad´s son played so we went to say hi and watched. Rosario won and qualified. that night we went to a sea food place, Il Piccolo di Navio, excellent. afterwards my girl and i went to O´Connell for a couple of pints.
on sunday we spent the whole day at/in the club. we had lunch with friend´s of my dad´s and swam in the pool. at night we watched Fútbol de Primera, a resume of all the games and went to bed early.
this morning we had breakfast together, i was off to work, he was off to australia.

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