i went.
bs. as.
walked a lot. went to bond street.
saw lots of nice things. nice dark/goth-anime chicks.
i would´ve loved to invite them to my "darkness level" stand and take pictures and measure their level of darkness. 0 being a construction worker. ten, i don´t know.
ate at burguer king, in a great mansion. worlds clash.
stopped on pellegrini, front of the obelisk, 9 de julio all over. beer. beer. beer. talked with nacho and seba.
shower. pub.
gibraltar. spectacular. dark beers. fried chicken with honeymustard. curry chicken with rice. english pie, meat and shrooms. pleasurable sir. yes sir sir.

right right right brothers! INTERPOL. at the gran rex. clockwork. if you closed your eyes, it was a cd. i don´t like that too much. but it was perfect. long repertoire, too. since they never overplayed a tune or talked more than two words. they were a plant playing great tunes. and the guitar guy was in his own world, moving all over. they didn´t play next exit or take you on a cruise. :( but it was a great recital. they´re very good. no need for any other crap, just their music.

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