that´s what a lot of people call electronic music ´round here. cause of the bum bum bum. punchi.

i´m a rock man myself, well actually i listen to so many things i don´t know what i am anymore. i like new things, i´m not afraid of trying anything out. so, now i´m a bit into techno.

i have a friend record designer Seba Feuli, a.k.a Filip. he designs vinyl record centers and they´re very cool. here are a couple. he also organizes parties, and i always promise to go but never keep that promise.

i also stumbled upon, thanks to Filip, beatport. very nice itunish techno music site. this their player .

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Rob Mortimer said...

Being both a metalhead and an electronic music producer I think you are missing out!

Nice artwork.

f.m. said...

producer, now that´s cool.

and you´re right, that´s why i´m catching up!