a good story about confidence

i found and commented this on scamp:

"why the reductionism? "the singing dog idea" was done back in..." etc.

when i saw the idea unfolding i was wondering how they were going to pull it off, thinking brand strategy here.

"polo confidence" is what made me smile. ideas are nothing with out a comms strategy. safety. small but tough, etc. i mean the job´s well done. the shriveled dog is fucking great!

and i think people see into this. if it´s a great idea but it doesn´t have closure, it ends up having a "bad aftertaste" (bad metaph.).

it doesn´t build on anything. it´s just a good idea from an overly-excited-look-at-me-please-creative-kid.

tying these things up is the hardest part of writing.

a bit on the other post for this. i´m all for creative freedom, but doesn´t and ECD have everything to do with doing great strategic comms for their client´s brands!?"

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