saturday 9am

no other where than the Digital Interactive Comms Specialization at my Uni where.

coffee please. thank you.

interesting. today we went over things i rarely think critically about. the stuff you take for granted but are as important as all the 2.0, community, social media bla bla in the cloud. the basic stuff, like hypertext, links, comments. and on other levels, the role of the author, the reader, new journalism and editorial structures.

the things i do everyday (not so much journalism, but creative writing/editing etc.), from new perspectives or at least theoretical ones.

i remember the first thing they asked me at the program was about my expectations and i kinda explained what they were vaguely. well now, after a few classes, i´m pretty sure i know what they/it are/is.

i hope to re discover.

take it away.

watch this space: the copywriter is going digital or whatever that means.

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