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following up on the proud of my uni post, a professor sent me this today:

Chats on the web. a new mediatic proposal from the Direction of Multimedial Communication through a series of interviews that can be seen on the National University of Rosario´s website.

With the intention of covering the most diverse topics, the Direction of Multimedial Communication invites everyone to view the series of interviews on their website called Café 2.0 Interviews on the web. The new communicational space that goes together with the web news UNR Vlog TV, has the mission of delivering the readers interviews to different personalities that in one way or the other stand out in their discipline and has some sort of vinculation with university life.

With an agile format and an easy language, Café 2.0 tries to be be a chatting space, with distended conversations where the guests can share their ideas about the topics that concern them, from a place that doesn´t pretend to be strictly academic but a journalistic disclosure of knowledge and the daily life of the interviewed person.

With a 15 day frequence, 9 minutes of lenght and with Marcelo Colman as host, Café 2.0 presents itself to different reknown researches, professors, scientists and personalities in this chatting and meeting space to the issues that might be interesting to cover and be exposed to the mass public.

For this first cast you can watch and interview in two part with Dr. Carlos Scolari, specialist in digital communication.

You can access Café 2.0 through a link on the multimedia player at the right column in our portal or directly entering the YouTube channel:

sorry if the translation is a bit quirky and the lack of links, since i pasted this from word, the code got all f upped.
the institutional tone of it isn´t of my liking. things like mass public, multimedia player, sounds from the time when the home music set was furniture, but oh, well.

i have a lot more things to post about, but i just don´t have the time. working at the agency and on a personal project, so tic toc. be back soon as i can. cheers.

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