in a roll.

- Mr. Tweet - an answer to, who should you follow?

- buy a truck, get one free. only in america. -

- the always in beta. short-philosophy by paul.
- Harry Potter and that ticking sound.
- digital people and brands. -  i don´t agree with the reductionism of being one or the other type of person. we should do everything. but it´s an interesting take on the subject, you get the point.
- about being out-viralled. - 
- social media statistics - hard, numbers, just look here.
- Juniper Park - agency.
-watch out General, a cloud is above you. - amateur video of a peruvian general in a casual meeting say shit and threatening Chile. what an dumb-ass. FAIL!
- Mutt Industries. - and their projects.
- Money as Debt. - a frekish video about money. a thing i don´t have and understand nothing of.
- The Neighbourhood. - think i linked this before. oh, well. nice agency.
- Future Morph. - be what you want to be.
- Map My Fitness - plot, plot and plot some more. and run, yes.
- SMS for condoms - nice idea, service in australia, if you´re shy, in a hurry. are the condom bringers hot? if so, let´s leave it there. 
- Educamp Colombia - education and 2.0. they can´t be apart.
- The Simpsons on Apple -

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Carl said...

Hey Facu. I'm with you on this as well and it's a good point. I guess what I'm saying is that in general very few 'traditionalists' (sorry for the expression I can't think of a better one)do not believe this to be true. I guess it's a bit of a digital rally cry :)

facu said...

it´s all our own paranoia.