i hate advertising

it´s a paradox. because i love what i do. or i love what i put into it, ´cause i do other stuff. but i took these today when i was walking to work.

i´ve started to notice this kind of thing lately. the beat up outdoor ad. contaminating the streets and the brand itself, by default i guess. thing is, it´s another reason why i like digital so much lately. this doesn´t happen. and i guess i could just say "it´s not my fault", but it is, i´m part of it. it´s so rewarding to put your heart into ideas, but to what end. getting paid, sure, having fun, sure, meeting people, sharing, living from that torch inside you, but for this? no dood. no. there a lot of nice stuff out there, but there´s also a lot of dirt like this.

effectiveness or whatever you wanna call it should take this kind of rubbish into account. what can i do? tell me.

dark side post. while listening to Marcus´ blips.

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