YouTube channel idea

i work at Flaherty. most of the videos i post, i did or found while working (or not) there, so this is a kind of salute.

i played around with a cam, a chair, some cardboard, a couple of rubber bands and some editing to confabulate a letter + color gyroscope mixer thingy to unite a yellow side with a part of type with the corresponding red side with the other part of type and get, taran-taran! the agency´s color (orange) and later, the name.

then i posted them on my YouTube channel in order, spelling F-L-A-H-E-R-T-Y. (here are the vids in the original post)

talk about the medium is the message.

stupid? yes.

but i wonder, is there a possibility for this idea to work as a brand´s concept channel? Honda´s Difficult is Worth Doing campaign comes to mind. an idea for H, another for O and so on, much like their print work.

back to work!

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