first interactive video on YouTube

embedding is disabled so go here to see it, use it, play it, interact with it, whatever.

it´s about a card trick. nothing says "interaction" like a card trick. i´m guessing the interactive part works by linking different videos to the options given on the "home" video.

i like how we can start thinking of videos as Metas or with Metadata, meaning a collection of data including multiple content items. and that´s why we can also think of "home" videos which by interaction takes us to other videos. this kind of thing was done before, remember the old Sierra PC games? made by linking videos together to tell an interactive story. except now we can add sharing, tags, view counts, people coming together, think of the stories we could tell! and how could all this work for brand comms. very interesting. i can already imagine WikiVideos! who goes first?

so exciting.

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