melacholical photobooth madness

a virus fucked with pretty much all the PCs at the agency, so i'm downstairs working on a Mac, the G5 with cam to be exact and messing around with the features i found photobooth

i remembered how many times i'd seen people at the agency messing around with it so i took a look at the photo archive. what i found was amazing! 

it's as if this little software had a snapshot of all the good people that passed through the agency in the past 3 years.

here are some of the pics:

luis - facu

lia - alvaro - pablo - kanguro

luis - facu

alvaro - elio

lia - gaby



lia - luis




junior - diego - leo


fede - alvaro

leo - fede

fede - gaby

lia - fede


i searched for other photobooth moments on flickr. interesting find.

it's nice to see how a simple fun app can be a gold mine for moment keeping. story telling. a friendship perpetuator.

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Luis C. said...

Good phtotos man, i like this blog.