i like carnivorous flora

last sunday we went with my girl and a couple of friends to a mascot show. it was nice. lots of dogs, fish, cats, birds, axolotls, and my favorite, the meat eating plants! no reptiles though. i guess we´re not a big on reptiles country, not like south east asia at least. there´s guys that stick their heads in croc´s jaws for Buddhas sake!

i took the above pic of a carnivorous plant forest in a large fish tank and below, my girl with a very cute chihuahua. so that´s it. this blog´s fluffy moment of the week.

she´ll be delighted i put her picture on here. ¡hola yami!

again, loved the insect killerz! look at that thing! now, that´s a vegetable getting creative on a butterfly´s ass, boeeeeee! --->

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Anonymous said...

Hola amor! que sorpresita!! jeje... muy lindo fin de semana pasamos!! y de ese perrito me enamoré! jaja besotessss T.A.M