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to "Are you a busy person?", she answered:

Oh my god NO :( only in my fucked head. especially now. i don't do anything anymore. just half thought out / half effort for everything i do lately. but it is crazy if only someone could only see the notepad files, text messages, emails all to myself, meaningless to-do lists of google image search keywords, things to twitter later, ideas for some .gif, ideas for certain projects that will never happen... it's fucking insane because these things never get done. all i've been doing for a while is making lists and then the lists never get read and they get lost. i make folders on my computer and to name them i pound on the keyboard like eirtuyu43'; and then that is the name of the folder. so of course i know where nothing is and nothing gets read or thought about. then i decided i would put all the 35asgyewwm,\[ folders into one big folder that folder is called HELL and now it is the only folder on my desktop and i dunno what the fuck is in there. i wish i could do work or at least start cracking into HELL because god knows i got time. i got time cause i have no job and i amn not in school and live with my mom and my lil sis in california. i don't wanna be busy here though. i wake up everyday and just do want i want to do and that is what the fucking plan is. very selfish but its good relief cuz it is only a matter of time before i gotta go back to the stain on this earth new york city. i truly believe that city brings out a real sickness in people. if i was there right now i would have to answer this question totally different cuz there i am VERY busy but it is not even stuff i want to be busy with it is just trying to deal with so many cocksuckers 24/7 and there are all these problems and i have to be putting out fires all the time. SOMETIMES EVEN LITERALLY. oh god in reality it is so nice to be in california and i am not busy here and all i do is go to the beach and get tan and swim. and the water is so warm now so i like to swim everyday. i gotta go back to nyc soon tho cause i gotta go back to school so that i get a job that pays me money. when i get that money im gonna use it to never be busy, live on some epic land covered in heartbreaking landscape and do what i do best which is hang out and take care of tiny animals. i just want to collect too many of them fill my whole house collect them forever. striving for that "gotta catch em all" / "peasant vacation" style of life, u kno?



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