Heron´s observations of Argentina

-the cars are all pretty old. you’re not gonna see nothin nice or new here.nope, no benz’s, no range rovers, no bmw’s, no bentleys, no audi’s, no aston martins.
-when someone saw my blackberry, she described it to look like a “bed with buttons”, because everyone here just use very “primitive” phones. as basic as you can get.used only for calls and texts.
-i didn’t know empanadas were a national dish. they are sold everywhere. my favorite is carne picante.
-pesos are a third of the dollar, right now. $200 pesos is $60 - it’s cheap here.
-services here operate just like nyc! And in some aspects are just plain better. you can order delivery beer at 4am, and there isn’t a minimum!
-everyone drives pretty crazy. there are lanes marked on the street, but drivers make up their own lanes.
-there are ton’s of taxi’s everywhere.
-the spanish is not identical to european spanish or mexican spanish. and some words are pronounced differently.
-the city is pretty big, and each barrio (neighborhood) has it’s own flavor. some parts you will think you’re in a third world, where other parts you’ll feel like you’re stepping into a house on the champs elysees.
-there are tons and tons of pregnant women
-don’t come here if you’re a vegetarian, because this country is built on beef!
-the girls are FUCKING HOT. 

via Mr. Preston´s blog.

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