99 Francs

i watched this movie yesterday. recomended by my dad, who´s visiting by the way. here goes my critic bit. i liked the little direction ideas in some parts, different ways to tell the story and that sort of thing; and Vahina (that´s her name, what a beauty). the rest, i don´t buy the creative rock star corporate ad biz life crap, that shit doesn´t exist or i hope that it doesn´t. teams aren´t gods. they get paid to do their job. and i really don´t believe that there are teams that think they are. i mean, isn´t humility and hope the fuel that drives you forward? if you think you´re on top of the world, that you´re the best, that in an elevator only fit you and your ego, you have nothing more to do my friend. just quit, you´re done. for making me ponder this, i liked it. and specially the directors gimmicks, but not the ad creative rockstar bullshit.

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